Who is Crypto in Apex Legends? Everything we know

Graphics: EA

Crypto has been revealed as the next character to be added to the Apex Legends roster and while developers might have wanted many things to stay under wraps until his release, we know a lot about the character already. 

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When Season 2 finally launched on July 2, the new content, map changes and more were all overshadowed by the arrival of the game’s second new legend since release, Wattson.

Thanks to leaks though, we already knew a lot about Wattson prior to her release, including some of lore and abilities, so fans quickly turned their attention to next rumored character, Crypto, and what he might bring to Kings Canyon.

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Wattson looks unlikely to be the only Legend added in Season 2.
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Who is Crypto?

Every single Apex Legends character has their own backstory and lore. Crypto is no different. The figure was firstly leaked and has since been confirmed as the next playable character to be added to the battle royale game. 

The character is seen sporting short hair, with his back to a wall while wearing a green and white jacket in one image and there have been many since – which will be seen throughout the course of this article. There’s even a story trailer a little later!

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2buiArt - Deviant ArtEagle-eyed fans spotted Crypto lurking behind Pathfinder on a banner.
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Respawn tease Crypto

After this first sighting, a slew of leaked game files showed a ton of yet-to-be-released legends, with Crypto among them.

Players immediately starting putting together their theories about Crypto, and Redditor FrozenFroh uncovered game files that hinted toward the release of a second legend in Season 2. 

A laptop was spotted among these leaks, and although Respawn is yet to acknowledge the existence of Crypto officially, the laptop was featured in the recent Battle Charge animated trailer, released on June 27.

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Respawn EntertainmentCrypto’s laptop appeared in the Season 2 – Battle Charge trailer.
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First look at Crypto leaked from Game Stop conference

On August 27, a mysterious leak appeared on the Apex Legends subreddit, revealing our first proper look at Crypto, who now has some new features compared to the last time we saw him from the game files.

Teves3D, Reddit600

A Respawn developer, Tina Sanchez, did tease Crypto on social media, after posting images from a motion capture session and confirmed that it was for “Apex Legends stuff.”

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When asked if it was about Crypto specifically, Sanchez neither confirmed nor denied. It has since been confirmed that the character looks exactly like that of the leaked image, after he appeared in-game. 

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What are Crypto’s abilities? 

Following the release of the Iron Crown Collection event on Tuesday, August 13, data miner That1MiningGuy has apparently found a full list of Crypto’s abilities in the update files. 

The leaker had previously suggested that one of Crypto’s abilities was hacking into items placed around the map, and that appears to have been proven accurate according to these leaks. Of course, just because they are in the game’s files currently doesn’t mean we will definitely see them in the game, but it should give us a glimpse at what we can expect to see when the legend finally drops. 

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According to the files, Crypto’s abilities are:

  • Tactical: Aerial Drone – Surveillance camera drone, lasts for 40 seconds, 200 meter range. Can be destroyed. Can hack doors, loot bins and pick up banners with drone.
  • Passive: Neuro Link – Crypto and teammates see what surveillance drone detect up to 30 meters away.
  • Ultimate: Weapon Drone EMP – Charge up an EMP blast from your drone. Deals shield damage, slows enemies and disables all traps.

Crypto ability icons and story art revealed

On September 22, an Apex Legends fan discovered that developers have already added both the character’s ability icons and story art to their official EA website. 

By making a slight change to the URL for other legend profiles, such as Wattson, and replacing the names of current legends with ‘Crypto’, there have been some interesting discoveries. Below, you can see all of the new graphics added to the site – courtesy of FrozenFroh and others on Reddit.

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Graphics: EAThese ability graphics show Crypto’s Tactical (left), Passive (middle) and Ultimate (right) abilities.

While this doesn’t really show us a lot about each of the abilities, nor does it confirm the leaked list, a new story image was slightly more revealing, as it seems to picture Crypto inside an office, or internet cafe, setting. 

While there’s nothing concrete in terms of details, we expect more information to be presented as we approach Season 3. 

Respawn EntertainmentDoes this give us a greater idea of who Crypto is? Well, not exactly.

When will Crypto be released? 

Based on the leaked information that had been uncovered about Crypto, well before any of his content started to appear on official websites, many fans expected that he would be added to the roster at the beginning of Season 3 – and that was a very accurate assumption. 

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It’s since been confirmed that the character is coming in Season 3 and no doubt as part of the Battle Pass, just like those in previous seasons. The full trailer for Crypto’s backstory can be found below. 

What about Rosie?

It is certain that Crypto will be the next legend added to Apex Legends, but there has also been some rumors about the potential for another character entirely, called Rosie.

Rosie was one of the legends first leaked when the game first launched, and is one of the few whose game files are still present, with many others being removed.

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Will Rosie be next after Crypto?

When Respawn dev Tina Sanchez posted images from a motion capture session, infamous data miner That1MiningGuy ruled out the possibility that it was for Crypto (the mo-cap actor was too short, and a was holding a cane), instead theorizing that it was for Rosie.

We’ve had Crypto leaks, teasers, an appearance in-game and even a trailer to boot. So, fans will be waiting in anticipation for the chance to finally play with him in Apex Legends. 

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You can keep up to date with all new details concerning Crypto, Rosie and other leaked legends on Dexerto. Should new information be made available, we’ll be sure to let you know. 

Last updated on September 23, 2019 at 06:20 AM (EST).

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