5 Apex Legends cosplays that blew us away this Halloween

Eli Becht

Halloween has come and gone, but many Apex Legends players took it as a great opportunity to dress up as their favorite characters from the game.

Apex Legends features a robust cast of characters that all have loads of detail, which makes them perfect for Halloween.

What makes Halloween special is it gives both children and adults a chance to dress up as a character, so we’re able to get a nice middle ground between high-end cosplays and simpler costumes.

We’ve seen our fair share of phenomenal cosplays, but now we have to give the kids dressing up for Halloween a chance to get their designs shown.

There are many different characters from the ever-growing roster to choose from, and so many players who tried their hand at a costume that we found it difficult to narrow it down to just five.

We did our best and here’s a look a five of the best Apex Legends costumes and cosplays from this Halloween. In no particular order, here’s the list.

Apex Legends door

A Respawn dev made the decision to dress up as a door from the game. It may seem like a pretty odd decision, but then you realize it opens up a world of opportunities for people to kick you open.

Obviously, this is in reference to players have the ability to kick down doors in Apex and we can confirm no doors were harmed in the making of this picture.

Mirage and Lifeline

This next entry is actually two employees from Psyonix, the developer of Rocket League. Mirage and Lifeline are always two popular picks to dress up as but we’re still impressed every time we see it done.

The Psyonix team actually dressed up as several different characters outside of Apex Legends so take a look through their Twitter if you want to see more.


Yeah, we just included a Mirage but this one makes the list because of how it was built using a bunch of household items, instead of being a professionally made outfit.

The user explains how they were able to make this costume for their son using old belts and buckles, an old shirt, sharpies, and other things of that nature.


Wraith is easily one of the most popular picks in Apex Legends and as a result, that makes her one of the most popular characters to dress up as. 

This costume is set apart due to the excellent lighting that gives it a shroud of mystery, along with the phasing apparatus on her left hand.


GlitterXplosion is dressed as the Cyber Security Wattson skin, something that people won’t usually associate with the character at first glance, but she absolutely crushes it here.

Most players will pick the basic skin to dress up as for cosplay, so it’s nice to see some variety from time to time.

These are our five picks for the best Apex Legends Halloween costumes, but we’re sure there are many, many more out there.

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