Viral video proves exactly how much anime food looks like real life

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A viral post on Twitter shows the astonishing detail that goes into artists portraying food in anime, as the video painstakingly recreates the animated scenes in real-life.

Japanese anime has a long history, going as far back as 1906, and became a worldwide phenomena in the 80’s from films such as Katsuhiro Otomo’s Akira, and Studio Ghibli’s My Neighbor Totoro.

However ,a viral tweet showcased the incredible amount of talent coming out of the genre when it compared animated food scenes from a popular film to real life, and it’s bound to make your stomach rumble.

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CoMix Wave Films
2013 film The Garden of Words shows how realistic anime food can be.

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Viral video shows how incredible anime food actually looks

There is a trend right now on Twitter where people are comparing things to real life, and a post made by ‘ElegantAnime‘  shows how incredible Japanese animated food looks in comparison to its IRL counterpart.

The video was originally created by Michael Chow on Tik-Tok, and shows a montage of various scenes from the 2018 anime film Flavors of Youth being recreated in real life and compared side by side, which gives fans a glimpse of just how detailed things are in the medium.

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At this time of writing, the tweet has accumulated over 53k likes, and 609k views, as most Twitter users were left salivating such as ‘jasmine_8k’ who exclaimed, “why is anime food looking more delicious?”

Twitter: @jasmine_8k
Twitter users were impressed with how incredible the animated food looked.

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This isn’t the first time anime food has gone viral before either – back in December 2019 Elegant Anime hosted a video from the 2013 film The Garden of Words, directed by Makoto Shinkai.

In the scene, we see incredibly detailed and crisp animation of a woman preparing food, and it looks so amazingly realistic, it’s enough to make anyone feel hungry.

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A jawdropping seven million people watched the video, and the tweet ended up gaining over 498k likes, proving that people are big fans of how anime portrays food.

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Whether anime take us on a journey of teenagers in school with super-powers, or shows us mouth-watering cooking, there is no denying that the medium is on another level.

If you want to make your stomach rumble by watching food that looks tastier than real life, you can currently catch Flavors of Youth on popular streaming service Netflix.

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