Ultraman: Rising ending explained — is there a post-credits scene?

Anthony McGlynn
Ultraman: Rising

Ultraman: Rising brings the eponymous hero to Netflix subscribers around the world, and we’ve broken down what goes on during the big climax.

Somehow, it has taken almost six decades for Ultraman to really break out of Japan. But he’s managed it, in the new movie from Shannon Tindle and John Aoshima.

Ultraman: Rising dropped on Netflix Friday, June 14, and we described it as “fun but frivolous” in our review. Now that you’ve had a chance to watch the anime movie, we can break down that huge ending and what might be coming next.

Rest assured, this probably isn’t the last we’re seeing of Ken Sato, either, so here’s what the post-credits scene offers up, too.

Ultraman: Rising ending explained

The climax of Ultraman: Rising is truly glorious. Ken, his father, Gigantron, and the baby kaiju team up to defeat Dr Onda’s mech. They manage to beat him down in a combined laser attack — a staple of any great anime showdown — before he activates his self-destruct in defeat.

The team considers their options, until Ken, understanding his responsibility and the advice from his father, decides to absorb the blast by encasing himself in a shield around the exploding mecha. We fade into white light, afterward coming to an interview between Ken and Mina.

They chat about his season with the Tokyo Giants. Mina states the Giants won the league, an accomplishment she credits to Ken, who responds that it was actually his teammates. He’s injured, and we hear news blasts about Ultraman saving the city from a bomb.

The film then switches to Ken and his dad accompanying Gigantron and her child to Monster Island, as another audio from Ken’s mother plays. An appropriately emotional conclusion!

What happens to the baby kaiju?

The adorable baby kaiju is reunited with her mother, Gigantron.

Ultraman: Rising

The monster was originally killed by the KDF, then resurrected as Mecha-Gigantron to lure the baby away from Ultraman. During the ensuing fight, Ken and his father convince Gigantron to override KDF’s programming and join their side.

Mother and child head to Monster Island, a mythical land only kaiju know the whereabouts of, at the end. Ken and his father are in tow, demonstrating the trust between the Ultramen and the kaiju. Aw!

Does Ultraman: Rising have a post-credits scene?

Yes, Ultraman: Rising has a post-credits scene, and it’s actually a major twist. Ken is woken up in the middle of the night by a mysterious call on his Ultraman watch from Nebula M78. Who’s on the line? His mother!

Thought dead by Ken and his dad, she tells him she’s alive and she needs his help to get home. Is it really her? What happened? Questions for Ultraman: Rising 2, I’m afraid.

What is Nebula M78?

Nebula M78 is where the Ultraman suit comes from. Various Ultras live within the system, Land of the Light being the main hub from where most originate.

Ultraman: Rising

So, whatever happened to Ken’s mom involves the Ultras. Perhaps it’s a suggestion we’ll see an evil Ultraman, like Sinestro to Green Lantern — the possibilities are wide open.

That should bring you right up to speed on what happened in Ultraman: Rising. Check out our upcoming anime list for other top releases, and we have guides to Tower of God Season 2, My Hero Academia: You’re Next, and Dandadan for more awesome anime.