Top 5 scariest monsters in One Punch Man

Savannah Howard
Saitama and Genos in One Punch ManIMDB

Saitama can defeat any monster with a single punch, but that doesn’t make them any less scary. Here are the five most terrifying monsters in One Punch Man.

Incredibly powerful, creepy monsters constantly threaten One Punch Man’s fictionalized version of Japan. So it’s good that Saitama can dispatch anyone or anything that challenges him.

The Hero Association is filled with skilled fighters, starting low with C-class like Mumen Rider (he cycles everywhere, so his main ability might be thighs of steel) and going all the way up to the mysterious S-class Blast. So, it’s no wonder that there are equally tame and terrifying monsters to match.

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From battle prowess to combat ability, let’s look at the five biggest, most horrifying threats to human life that Saitama faced in One Punch Man.

5 scariest monsters in One Punch Man

Before we begin, to avoid spoilers, it’s important to note that we’re only going to be looking at characters that have been introduced in the anime.

5. Bakuzan


Starting off our list is Bazukan.

Bazukan was first introduced as an accomplished but extremely violent fighter in episode 17 at the Super Fight Martial Arts Tournament. After the tournament, Bazukan consumes monster cells to transform into a formidable monster with kicks that are so powerful they even affect Saitama.

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However, his time as a monster is short-lived. After teaming up with another human-turned-monster, Gouketsu, they left S-Class martial artist Suiryu on the brink of death until Saitama finally killed him.

He might not look like one of the scariest monsters, but any human willing to turn themselves into a murdering machine deserves a spot on this list.

4. Haragiri

Haragiri from One Punch Man season 2J.C.Staff

Another human-turned-monster, Haragiri was a master swordsman who joined the Monster Association in Episode 19.

In his monster form, he grew a third eye in the middle of his forehead, his teeth turned into jagged points and veins pulsed across his skin, turning him into a creature that no longer resembled a human at all.

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Tempted by a desire for more power, he consumed monster cells and joined the Monster Association. However, the hero Atomic Samurai cut him down easily during the Super Fight Arc.

3. Gouketsu

Gouketsu from One Punch Man season 2J.C.Staff

Gouketsu’s appearance alone is enough to land him on One Punch Man’s scariest monsters list. And, just like the two before him, Gouketsu was a formidable martial artist who was decided to become a monster because of his desire for power.

In the anime, we watched him effortlessly defeat lesser monsters like Bakuzan and even the S-Class Genos. However, this monster still proved no match for Saitama and was defeated effortlessly with just one punch.

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2. Elder Centipede

The Elder Centipede from One Punch Man s 2J.C.Staff

First introduced in episode 16, this creepy and gargantuan monster was a Dragon-level threat and an executive member of the Monster Association.

Elder Centipede had no prior human side, which makes him that much more terrifying. Over Episode 16, we watched as he destroyed hero after hero, and even an entire city, with his near-indestructible outer shell proving to be more than a match for any weapon.

Until Saitama, and his “serious punch” of course.

1. Monster King Orochi

Monster King Orochi from One Punch Man season 2J.C.Staff

Finally on our list is the Monster King Orochi.

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One Punch Man is filled with various “kings”, including the Beast King, the Deep Sea King and the Subterranean King. However, leader of the Monster Association and Monster King stands a head and shoulders above the rest – quite literally.

Orochi isn’t just a monster. Towering over all the heroes, he has large horns and dead eyes like a devil, with abilities far beyond anything we’ve seen in the series so far.

But that’s not what makes him scarier than all the other monsters. He is also the only being in the One Punch Man anime universe that survived a battle against Saitama. Could he eventually beat our One Punch Man in Season 3?

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One Punch Man is filled with incredible heroes, villains and out-of-this-world monsters. Although there’s only two seasons of the anime, the manga promises that even more terrifying monsters will appear.

Stay tuned for Season 3 – which will air sometime in 2024 – because we’re in store for monsters that can even survive Saitama’s serious series of punches.

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