Chainsaw Man Chapter 170 horrifically kills a character, and everyone is traumatized

Anamika Das
Denji shocked

Another major character gets a horrific death in Chainsaw Man Chapter 170, and fans are just as traumatized as Denji.

Chainsaw Man never pulls any punches when it comes to killing characters. But it reaches a new height in Chapter 170 when Denji is faced with Nayuta’s severed head on a sushi platter.

The chapter, ironically titled ‘How to Eat Sushi’, starts from where the previous one left off. Barem has taken Denji to a sushi restaurant and is forcing him to eat if he ever wants to see Nayuta.

He then reveals his plan of using the Chainsaw Man’s power. However, Denji’s transformation is incomplete at present, meaning he can’t use the real power of the feared Devil. 

According to Barem, Chainsaw Man’s real ability includes erasing Devil names from existence. And for Denji to become the true self of the Devil, he needs two things: everyone’s fear and his unhappiness.

Though Chainsaw Man was being revered as a superhero for some time, he’s back to being feared by everyone like death and sickness. So, the only thing left is to make Denji unhappy, and Barem has a twisted way to do so.

In a shocking scene, Denji looks on with horror as Nayuta’s severed head comes out in front of him on the conveyor belt. The chapter ends here before we can see his reaction to this horrific sight.

Nayuta's severed head

Nayuta’s gruesome death has the whole Chainsaw Man fandom traumatized. Tatsuki Fujimoto never hesitates when it comes to making Denji suffer, given how he was made to kill Aki and endure Power’s brutal death, killing the only two people he had for a family.

Now he’s lost Nayuta, too. Denji loved her like a little sister and had high hopes for her future. For her to die like this, especially after his traumatic encounter with Yoru, is enough push the protagonist off the edge.

Like him, fans are also left speechless by this turn of events. One Reddit user wrote, “This chapter has me SICK, I’m in shock,” while another agreed, “Damn, my man Denji just can’t catch a break.”

A third pointed out, “The worst part this is also after he lost the apartment he bought with the money he inherited from Aki, which had Power’s cat, and Makima’s dogs inside. And now Nayuta. He truly has lost everything again.”

Another X user tweeted, “Can they stop traumatizing Denji for one chapter,” joined by another, “The actions in this story are utterly shocking! First Denji was manipulated into killing Aki, then his birthday celebration was brutally disrupted. But the absolute madness is putting the girl he cared for on a sushi platter! I’m literally trembling with disbelief!”

Denji’s reaction to this horrific scene will be revealed in Chainsaw Man Chapter 171, which will be released on July 16, 2024. Until then, check out the manga updates of Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 263, My Hero Academia Chapter 427, Oshi no Ko Chapter 154, and Boruto Two Blue Vortex Chapter 12.