All Might star found My Hero Academia: You’re Next challenging for one specific reason

Anthony McGlynn
Dark Might in My Hero Academia: You're Next

The upcoming My Hero Academia movie presents a new challenge for Kenta Miyake, long-running voice of All Might, since he plays two parts, and the whole thing proved quite tricky.

In My Hero Academia: You’re Next, Deku and his classmates face a particularly scary villain – an evil All Might. Known as Dark Might, we don’t yet know the backstory behind the horrifying doppelganger, though it’ll be tied to the mysterious alien city that appears in the picture as well.

Kenta Miyake portrays both parts, so Dark Might has that authentic vibe of the franchise’s Superman. Speaking to us at Anime Expo 2024, he revealed that doing both parts actually made being All Might tougher – but not in the way you’d think.

“In recording, I played Dark Might first, then we recorded All Might,” he told Dexerto. “I was so into playing Dark Might, tried really hard playing him, when it came time to play All Might, [the performance] kind of had a villain aspect to it. Re-recording happened a lot!”

He mentions there’s a volume difference between the two characters, creating a contrast that was obviously hard to shake. You can easily imagine, especially in voice-acting, finding it hard to step from one role to another.

The performers don’t have as much physicality as on-screen actors, requiring a particular kind of psychology for each character. Kenta had to switch his whole mindset in You’re Next, probably in a relatively short period of time, knowing the turn around on voice roles.

Christopher Sabat is up on the dubbing side. Even a tenured professional like him will no doubt find the process tricky, just like his Japanese counterpart.

It was announced at Anime Expo that My Hero Academia: You’re Next comes to US theaters on October 11, 2024. Japanese fans can see the film on August 2, 2024. Our upcoming anime list will keep you informed on every other release date you should keep in mind.