Jujutsu Kaisen: Will there be a sorcerer with Six Eyes like Gojo?

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Gojo Six Eyes from Jujutsu KaisenCrunchyroll

Gojo’s tragic death might change the Jujutsu Kaisen from its core. Read on to find out if there will be another sorcerer born with Six Eyes in Jujutsu Kaisen.

The Jujutsu Kaisen manga has confirmed the death of fans’ beloved character, Satoru Gojo. The strongest sorcerer of the modern era falls against the King of Curses. Not even having any time to mourn their beloved sensei, Gojo’s students soon take action as they must stop Sukuna.

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However, the Jujutsu world has suffered a major blow with Gojo’s death. A series of tragedies are bound to follow whenever Gojo is out of the picture. The Shibuya Incident is the perfect example where no sorcerer other than Gojo was strong enough to defeat the curses.

Gojo’s Six Eyes contribute to his title of the “strongest.” He was born with special eyes that allowed him to utilize the full extent of Limitless and all the techniques inherited by those in the Gojo Clan. Since Gojo is no longer alive, will there be another sorcerer with Six Eyes born in the Gojo Clan?

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Will someone inherit Six Eyes after Gojo’s death in Jujutsu Kaisen?

An image of Gojo and Riko from Jujutsu KaisenCrunchyroll

The reason Gojo was so special in Jujutsu Kaisen was because of how rare Six Eyes are. In Chapter 145, Master Tengen explains that a Star Plasma Vessel is born every few centuries, and so is a wielder of Six Eyes in the Gojo Clan.

In this era, Gojo and Riko were born two years apart from one another. He was the first Six Eyes user to be born in approximately four hundred years. The users of Six Eyes are always bound to fate with Master Tengen and the Star Plasma Vessel.

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Gojo was destined to protect Riko and ensure the success of her merging with Master Tengen. Sadly, things didn’t turn out the way Master Tengen had wanted. Even if there is another sorcerer with the same rare trait, they will be born at least after four or five centuries.

Not much is known about the Gojo Clan, as the series never introduced any member other than Satoru Gojo. Yuta is only a distant relative, so he cannot be considered one of the Clan members having direct blood ties with them.

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