Dragon Ball Super anime finally returning in 2023 with new episodes, leaker claims

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A reputable Dragon Ball insider is claiming that the Dragon Ball Super anime will finally be returning in 2023.

Dragon Ball Super, the canonical successor to the ever-popular Dragon Ball Z, ended its first run back in 2018 and fans have been awaiting its return ever since.

Despite the release of two movies, ‘Broly’ and ‘Super Hero’ in the time since, plus ongoing manga chapters, fans of the series have been clamoring for information about the return of the anime.

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Now, according to insider DBSChronicles, the seven balls have been gathered and the eternal dragon has finally granted their wish: the series is being resurrected.

Dragon Ball Super anime reportedly returning in 2023

In a Twitter thread, DBSChronicles revealed that weekly episodes are in production and the series will be making its grand return later next year.

The insider further stated that the series will be taking place, as many expected, after the Universe Survival Arc. However, it’s unclear if the events of Dragon Ball Super: Broly will be retold in the anime.

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When Super was first released, the last two Dragon Ball movies, ‘Battle of Gods’ and ‘Ressurection F’ received an anime retelling, so it’s possible that this will happen here.

That said, with the manga having continued after the anime’s end, there will be a lot of material waiting for adaptation.

Additionally, DBSChronicles stated that the next Dragon Ball Super movie is currently in pre-production with Toei planning to release new movies every 2-3 years.

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Of course, nothing has been officially announced just yet, but if this information is true, Dragon Ball fans will be in for a treat at some point next year.

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