Will Dragon Ball Daima have new transformations? Anime insider shares details

Michael Gwilliam
super saiyan 4 goku in dragon ball daimaToei

The newest Dragon Ball anime is set to arrive in 2024 with the release of Dragon Ball Daima, but will Goku and Vegeta be given new Super Saiyan forms? A new report has cast doubt on that possibility.

Dragon Ball Daima was officially announced at New York Comic Con during a special panel that revealed the first trailer for the new anime, confirming an assortment of leaks in the process.

The series will see Goku, Piccolo, Android 18, Vegeta, and the rest of the cast turn back into kids, who will need to go on an adventure to return to their adult selves.

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Although not much is known about Dragon Ball Daima so far, an insider has revealed what fans can expect in the way of new forms in the upcoming anime after coming off the heels of the transformation-filled Dragon Ball Super.

kid goku and vegeta in dragon ball daimaToei
Dragon Ball Daima will feature the return of kid Goku.

Insider updates fans on new transformations in Dragon Ball Daima

In a series of posts on X, insider Anime Ajay shared numerous things he had learned about Dragon Ball Daima and how the show will differ from the likes of DBZ, GT, and Super.

According to Ajay, Daima will have a major emphasis on hand-to-hand combat and traditional weapons. This is evident in the trailer when we see Goku whip out the Nyoibou, also known as The Power Pole.

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Ajay continued to state that unlike Dragon Ball Super, the combat in Daima will revolve a lot less around ki blasts. As such, the focus is being put on Goku and others improving as martial artists and not leveling up through new forms.

“Don’t hold your breath for DBS transformation stuff especially,” Ajay wrote.

This is bad news for anyone expecting Daima to suddenly incorporate GT’s SSJ 4 form or a new version of Super Saiyan God, but the insider didn’t rule them out completely, so there’s still a chance we see a new form down the line – but don’t hold out hope.

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For more on Dragon Ball Daima, check out Akira Toriyama’s comments about his involvement in the upcoming series.

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