Demon Slayer fan goes viral for dumping girlfriend over Nezuko jealousy

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A Taiwanese man went viral on Facebook after revealing that he had dumped his girlfriend due to her jealousy of Demon Slayer character, Nezuko. The avid fan had a collection of figurines dedicated to the anime heroine. 

Demon Slayer was the breakout anime of 2019, and has since become a worldwide phenomena. The series has become so popular that its first theatrical film, Mugen Train, is on track to become the highest-grossing film of all time in Japan.

However, one fan’s love of the animated series got him into hot water with his girlfriend who became fed up with his Nezuko figurines and threw out the collection worth over $3,500 USD. The man went viral after sending her packing.

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Screenshot of Tanjiro protecting Nezuko in Demon Slayer Anime.Crunchyroll / Ufotable
An anime fan’s love of Demon Slayer & Nezuko came between him and his girlfriend.

Man dumps girlfriend for mocking Demon Slayer’s Nezuko

The anime fan’s plight was first discovered by the Demon Slayer community after he opened up about the whole ordeal in a Facebook post on November 10. According to the man, his girlfriend had bagged up all of his Nezuko figurines without his permission and threw them in the trash while he was away on vacation.

While his partner claimed it had to do with them taking up too much space, the fan explained that she never liked his passion for the series. “I know you didn’t like [the figurines] when we first started dating. I’m an otaku who loves watching anime. I tried to cooperate with you and watch those less,” a rough translation of the essay reads.

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Tragically, he then revealed that he felt both “sad” and “pitiful” for enjoying his hobby. The man called his girlfriend out for being hypocritical for watching Korean dramas all the time and obsessing over famous actors. He also asked why they couldn’t just respect each other’s own tastes and preferences.

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Posted by 靠北女友2.0 on Tuesday, 10 November 2020

In the end, the Demon Slayer fan broke up with his partner after he discovered she had trashed his figurines which he spent years collecting. At the time of writing, it’s unknown whether the man has plans to re-buy more Nezuko merchandise.

Originally written as a manga by Japanese artist Koyoharu Gotoge in 2016, the hit franchise has exploded in popularity after being adapted into an anime series by the renowned Studio Ufotable.

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