Castlevania Nocturne ending explained: Who is Alucard?

Aparna Ukil
Alucard at the end of Castlevania: Nocturne

Castlevania: Nocturne recently arrived on Netflix, but Richter’s story is far from over – so, here’s our breakdown of the ending, including Alucard’s big appearance.

Castlevania: Nocturne is available to stream on Netflix, and within a few hours of its official release, it was praised by fans thanks to the gripping storyline and entrancing animation.

From the beginning of the series, there was something that kept every fan on their toes. That’s because the story felt quite unpredictable. No one could imagine what would happen next in the story, especially during the events that took place in the closing moments of the series.

Well, if you are in a dilemma thinking about Castlevania: Nocturne’s ending, we have got you covered.

Castlevania Nocturne ending: Whose form did Messiah take?

The eight-episode titled Devourer of Light starts with showing Messiah getting a transformation of the Egyptian God Sekhmet, whose blood she consumed to become this powerful.

Sekhmet from Castlevania: Nocturne

Messiah was already worshiped by the vampire army, but by taking Sekhmet’s form, she was feared even more. In Egyptian mythology, Sekhmet is said to be the god of war and medicine. She is the daughter of the god of light, the sun. As Messiah was said to be the Devourer of Light, she ultimately took the form of the sun god’s daughter to show her dominance in the world.

Honestly, it’s awe-inspiring to see how the creators have incorporated the mythological aspect in Castlevania: Nocturne’s story.

Castlevania Nocturne ending: Was Maria rescued?

When Maria approached Abbot to help him, she was held captive by the older adult’s night creatures. However, the religious knight of the church, Mizrak, went straightaway to Tera, Richter, and Annette to inform them about Maria’s condition.

The trio left for the church immediately, and when they reached there, they saw Maria lying down and Abbot standing beside her with a knife in his hand. Before Abbot could stab Maria with the knife, Tera attacked the father with full force.

Abbot asked Tera why god did not send someone else to take Maria’s place. His tears clearly indicated that he wasn’t in favor of all the madness, but he did not have any other choice. Tera says to Abbot that the night creatures are serving the evil and not the god. After that, Richter jumped in as a night creature appeared to harm Tera. While the young Belmont was taking care of all the evil entities, Tera directly went to the place where Maria was held captive to help her.

Castlevania Nocturne ending: Does Tera die?

Tera loved Maria so much that she couldn’t see her daughter getting sacrificed. When Messiah was coming toward Maria, Richter was the one to use his powers on the vampire, but nothing worked. So, Tera jumped in and tried her magical abilities on Messiah, but she failed as well. Tera asked Abbot to use his night creatures against Messiah to stop her from killing their daughter, but the father didn’t help.

Messiah clarified that she did not want to kill Maria; in fact, she wanted to turn her into one of her own kind and bless her with eternal life. However, Tera can’t let it happen, so she sacrifices her mortality, gets bitten by Messiah, and gets turned into a vampire. Hence, she does not die but gets a vampiric transformation.

Was the night-creatures forging machine sent back to hell?

Messiah used to send the human dead bodies to Abbot, and he used to transform them into night creatures using his forge mastery. The deadly creatures were used by the vampires to fight their battles against humankind.

Night creature from Castlevania: Nocturne

The only way to get rid of the demons was by sending the night-creature manufacturing machine to hell. Tera started chanting the spells to open the portals of hell, and Annette, on the other side, lifted the device so that she could push it toward the doorway. However, Tera had to leave the chanting mid-way to save her daughter from Messiah, so the machine couldn’t pass through the portal.

Who is Alucard?

Just when Drolta was about to kill Richter, she was stabbed by someone from behind. It was none other than Dracula Tepes’ immortal son, Alucard, who helped Trevor and Syphia fight his own father 300 years ago.

In the Castlevania show that came out in 2017, we saw Tepes trying to end humankind after his wife was killed by humans for practicing science. However, Alucard, Dracula’s son, knew that his mother wouldn’t have wanted this genocide. So, Alucard stood against his own father, and in the end, he joined forces with Trevor and Syphia to kill Tepes. However, it’s safe to assume that Alucard went into hiding after that, and that’s the reason why he was considered a myth even by the future generations of the Belmont family.

Alucard is from the ancient time, and that’s why, in the new entry, he was seen in a black-and-white palette. Alucard was the biggest surprise Nocturne came up with. The way he said, “I am Alucard,” was enough to give us goosebumps. Out of everyone, only Richter knew who he was but never believed in his existence. Richter admitted in front of Alucard that he believed Dracula Tepes’ son was a myth.

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