Castlevania Nocturne: Belmont family tree explained

Aparna Ukil
Julia and Richter from Castlevania: Nocturne

Now that Castlevania: Nocturne on Netflix has brought the franchise into the 1790s, here’s a breakdown of the Belmont family tree, including Trevor Belmont.

In the first Castlevania anime show, we met Trevor Belmont, the potent fighter of his clan who battled against Dracula Tepes for the sake of humankind. The latest entry in the franchise, Castlevania: Nocturne, features Richter Belmont, whom we saw fighting against the strongest vampire, Messiah.

Although we have been introduced to the aforementioned Belmonts in the Netflix original anime based on the popular video games, it doesn’t mean they are the only vampire hunters of their bloodline. So, if you are intrigued to learn about the other vampire slayers of the iconic Belmont clan, read on, and we’ll explain all.

Castlevania Nocturne: Belmont family tree

The Belmont family spans many generations, across almost 1,000 years. In all that time, one thing has remained: Belmonts hunting vampires. From the first Belmont to seek out bloodsuckers right to their modern day ancestors, the clan has remained steadfast in dealing with any vampiric activity.

Leon Belmont – 11th Century (1072)

Leon Belmont was the first Belmont to get the title of Vampire hunter in the late 11th century. He was the main protagonist of the game Castlevania: Lament of Innocence. Leon became the reason why his family got into the business of vampire hunting.

After losing both parents at a very young age, Leon became a knight when he was 16. One day, one of his close friends informed him that his fiance, Sara Trantoul, had been abducted by a vampire. While embarking on the journey to rescue his love, he met an older adult who handed him a magical whip to fight the evil. And since then, the whip has been passed on to his descendants to smack every vampire.

Trevor C. Belmont – 15th Century (1456)

Trevor Belmont played primary as well as supportive roles in several video games of the franchise. He also appeared in the animated series Castlevania, in which he had to fight the evil Dracula, Tepes, who vowed to kill every person in Wallachia.

Trevor made several allies, including Sypha and Dracula’s son, Alucard. Trevor and his family were initially feared by the people, but he made a good reputation for the family, so later, everyone started greeting them with respect. Trevor and Sypha eventually fell in love and got married. Well, that’s why every future generation inherited physical abilities as well as magic.

Christopher Belmont – 16th Century (1576)

After getting killed at the hands of Trevor, Dracula resurrects himself 100 years later, and that’s when Christopher has to step in to stop him from causing chaos in the human world. He used the same whip that his ancestor used to defeat the deadly creature. However, before he could defeat Dracula, he saw his son getting influenced by his enemy. So, he had to go through a lot before the victory.

Christopher Belmont appeared as the main protagonist of the first two games created by Konami for Nintendo.

Soleil Belmont – 16th Century (1576)

Soleil Belmont served as the antagonist in the story of Castlevania II: Belmont’s Revenge, as he was manipulated by Dracula after 15 years of getting defeated by his father, Christopher Belmont. Instead of helping his father, he turned against him as he was influenced by Dracula to a greater extent.

Soleil Belmont was kidnapped by Dracula ahead of the ceremony that was held to announce him as the next vampire hunter of the family. Fortunately, Christopher freed him from Dracula’s influence before he could resurrect the blood-sucker.

Simon Belmont – 17th Century (1669)

Simon is the most renowned character the franchise has given us, as he is the one who has appeared in the majority of the Castlevania games. In fact, he has also appeared in other titles that were not created by Konami.

As Simon grew up listening to the story of his brave ancestors, he became determined to train harder so that he could maintain his family’s reputation. When, 100 years after the defeat, Dracula again resurrected, Simon decided to fight him all alone, so he entered the enemies’ castle to fight him. He had the best grasp over the Belmont whip and his abilities when compared to the other members of the clan.

Juste Belmont – 18th Century (1730)

Juste Belmont is Simon’s grandson, and he possesses every skill that a vampire slayer must have. Since childhood, he used to be very reserved, and that’s why he never made any friends except Lydie and Maxim.

Juste Belmont was protective of his loved ones and was always the first one to take the damage to protect his family and friends. Seeing his efforts while fighting evil, the Belmont Clan was once again accepted by society with open arms.

Richter Belmont – 18th Century (1773)

Richter Belmont witnessed the death of his mother at a very young age. He spent his entire life with his adoptive family in France. Richter is one of the toughest and hot-blooded vampire hunters of his clan.

After his mother’s death, he decided to avenge her death from every vampire, so he trained himself harder. On his journey, he received alliance from his cousin Maria and two survivors, Annette and Edouard. Later in the story, he falls in love with Annette and gets married to her.

Julius Belmont – 20th Century (1980)

Julius is the last known descendant of the Belmont family. He is considered one of the most vital members of the family, as he was the one who finally brought down Dracula in 1999. However, after this battle, Julius suffered from amnesia.

For several years, Julius wandered the lands, trying to unravel his past. Julius then stumbles upon Dracula’s castle and learns the truth about his identity and the fact that a cult is trying to resurrect the dark lord. So, Julius once again finds himself fighting against the evil.

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