One of the best Netflix anime is getting a sequel – but there’s a catch

Anthony McGlynn
Baki-Hanma on Netflix

Baki Hanma, one of the greatest shonen anime available on Netflix, has a sequel coming, adapting the next instalment of the Baki manga.

Since premiering on the service in 2018, Baki Hanma has become one of the best anime shows on Netflix thanks to awesome fights, and a good old fashioned underdog story. The titular martial artist’s journey through underground fight clubs in order to become the best and challenge his father has garnered a fervent fanbase over the last six years, leading to an expanding franchise.

The sports anime draws from the Baki saga, which encompasses several different series, not unlike Dragon Ball (but with much less episodes). Now, it’s been announced that Baki-Dou is being adapted.

Officially the fourth part of the timeline, Baki-Dou takes place after Baki and his dad clash, where the fighting industry has to find some way to elevate beyond their incredible battle. No spoilers, but what happens is very silly, and very fun.

The announcement comes from Japan, and right now we don’t know any details on global distribution. Since Netflix currently holds a significant amount of the existing Baki anime, it’s probably safe to expect Baki-Dou to arrive there eventually, we don’t know for certain.

It’s worth noting that Netflix just announced a Baki Hanma Vs Kengan Ashura crossover as well, so the platform is making moves with both licenses. Watch this space for more when we have it!