Attack on Titan Season 1 intro remade in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

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Wit Studio / Production I.G / YouTube: イヨくんのあつ森チャンネル

A skilled Animal Crossing: New Horizons player has remade the entire intro for Season 1 of hit anime Attack on Titan in the game, bridging the two in an epic crossover you’ll wish was real.

Attack on Titan is often regarded as one of the best animes of the 2010s. It follows the story of Eren Yeager, a young man who lives in the town of Shiganshina, which is surrounded by giant walls that protect humans from Titans. He enlists in the military alongside Mikasa Ackerman and Armin Arlert after his mother is eaten and his father disappears, swearing revenge.

Talented Japanese fan ‘Iyo-kun’ decided to remake the show’s Season 1 intro in the newest Animal Crossing title, New Horizons. The Nintendo game has been a hit success since its release in March, and this creation is the latest crossover mockup to make its way into the series.

Attack on Titan in Animal Crossing

The intro starts off with some cleverly used simple panels with custom designs on to mirror the gate of Wall Maria, before the title card “Animal or Titan” cuts in.

It then shows an AC version of the 104th Cadet Corps standing in a battlefield alongside Mikasa, Eren, and Armin, before flicking to the Colossal Titan.

The group are shown zipping around the town using their vertical maneuvering equipment which allows them to boost around at top speed to avoid monsters’ attacks.

Eren is then pictured running along the wall to whack a Titan on the head with a net, which is used to replace his pair of swords in the real opening – Nintendo is family friendly, remember?

Iyo-kun uses a Custom Design on their own town flag to replicate the Wings of Freedom, before going on to attack poor old Hopkins repeatedly with a net. It ends by showing the group looking up at the sun in a moment of peace amongst the chaos that is Attack on Titan.

If this has given you a serious urge to go and watch the much-loved anime, you’re in luck. All current episodes are available to watch on both Crunchyroll and Funimation.

The show’s final season is set to air in October, giving you plenty of time to catch up. For everything we know about the end, check out our guide here.

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