How to get Iron Nuggets fast in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

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Iron Nuggets are some of the most valuable crafting materials you can come across in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. The unique material allows players to craft some great items, so here is exactly how and where you can get Iron Nuggets in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. 

A handful of great new features were introduced to the Animal Crossing franchise with the release of New Horizons. These included more character customization, the Nook Miles rewards program, and tools to reshape your island using terraforming to create your ultimate vision of paradise.

One of the biggest additions in the latest game, though, is a fully realized crafting system. However, before you can begin crafting, you’ll need to find the right materials.

Iron Nuggets, in particular, are one of your island’s hottest commodities in Animal Crossing, as they allow you to craft a DIY workbench that can craft bigger and better items for decorating your perfect island paradise. So, without further ado, here’s how to get Iron Nuggets in Animal Crossing.


Animal Crossing New Horizons Rocks that get be used to get Iron Nuggets.Nintendo
Materials can be found by hitting rocks.

Where to find Iron Nuggets in Animal Crossing?

The only way to find Iron Nuggets in New Horizons is to hit rocks with a shovel or an axe. These are the small-ish silver rocks, not the big dark grey rocks that you’ll find around the coast.

Every hit will spawn one single crafting material at random, and it’s certainly not guaranteed that they’ll be Iron Nuggets, so you’ll want to hit as many rocks as you can for maximum gathering potential.

The following materials can appear when you hit a rock:

  • Stone
  • Clay
  • Iron Nuggets
  • Gold Nuggets
  • Money

You can get a total of eight materials from a rock, and each rock resets once every calendar day. You have a limited time to get all eight hits in before the rock stops giving out materials, so you’ll have to be fast.

As your character will bounce away from the rock every time you hit it, the best way to maximize your materials is to dig holes around yourself with a shovel to keep you in place and stop you from moving.

Animal Crossing New Horizons Nook Miles Ticket.Nintendo
Nook Miles Tickets are the key to farming Iron Nuggets.

How to farm Iron Nuggets fast in Animal Crossing New Horizons

If you’ve exhausted all the rocks on your island for the day, the next best method is to get a Nook Miles Ticket from the Nook Stop terminal at Resident Services.

For a total of 2000 Nook Miles, you can purchase a Nook Miles Ticket that will let you fly to another island. While these deserted islands spawn at random every time, they’ll always have at least two rocks on them.

Here’s how to farm Iron Nuggets quickly in New Horizons:

  1. Purchase a Nook Miles ticket from the Nook Stop terminal.
  2. Visit the airport on your island.
  3. Use your Nook Miles ticket to visit a deserted island.
  4. Search for rocks and hit them with your shovel or ax.
  5. Collect any Iron Nuggets that pop out of the rocks.
  6. Rinse and repeat!

You can purchase as many Nook Miles Tickets as you like, and there’s no limit on how many deserted islands you can visit in a single day.

As long as you’ve got enough Nook Miles saved up, you can farm as many Iron Nuggets as you need using this method.

Animal Crossing New Horizons Crafting workbench that can be unlock after you get Iron Nuggets.Nintendo
Iron Nuggets can be used for loads of crafting recipes.

What are Iron Nuggets used for in Animal Crossing?

There are countless DIY Recipes you can craft with the help of Iron Nuggets, and as a result, it’s one of the best materials you can gather in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. The most obvious use for them is tools.

Here are the tools you can craft using Iron Nuggets:

  • Ax: Flimsy Ax (1), Wood (3), Iron Nugget (3)
  • Shovel: Flimsy Shovel (1), Iron Nugget (1)
  • Fishing Rod: Flimsy Fishing Rod (1), Iron Nugget (1)
  • Net: Flimsy Net (1), Iron Nugget (1)
  • Watering Can: Flimsy Watering Can (1), Iron Nugget (1)
  • Iron Wand: Iron Nugget (3), Star Fragment (3)

You’ll need to craft these tools to then be able to build the elusive Golden tools, which are the best tier of tools you can get in the game – although you’ll have to unlock the DIY Recipes for them first.

Aside from crafting tools, there are multiple pieces of furniture that require Iron Nuggets, from basic homeware like the Iron Closet and the Ironwood Chair, to huge items like the Robot Hero and the Flying Saucer.

So that’s everything you need to know about how to get Iron Nuggets, one of Animal Crossing New Horizons’ most elusive materials.

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