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Pokimane devilishly used Among Us’ proximity chat vs Disguised Toast

Published: 11/Dec/2020 4:33 Updated: 11/Dec/2020 4:49

by Alan Bernal


Pokimane showed how to the Among Us proximity chat changes the game, giving you the ability to mess with everyone in the lobby like Disguised Toast, CORPSE, and Valkyrae as the game unfolds.

While trials and deliberation usually takes place during emergency meetings and when a body is found, proximity chat keeps the mics hot. Whether you’re trying to marinate a crew member or catch an imposter in a lie, there’s a lot of wiggle room with the feature.

Pokimane showed how to do just that when she used it in her lobby when she led on players like Sykkuno, LilyPichu, and Toast in multiple games. Perfectly popping in and out of rooms to sway opinion, divide attention, and pick off unsuspecting streamers throughout her games.


Toast was the first to fall victim in the grand scheme, actually helping Poki break Ludwig’s train of logic – which was about to reveal Pokimane as the imposter.

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Pokimane was having a blast manipulating her friends with Among Us’ proximity chat.

Down to the last four survivors, Ludwig had an inkling that Pokimane was the fake crew member. But pitching his train of thought to accuse her kept getting derailed by her small lies then her hilarious ultimatum down the line.

After voting for herself and then lying about it, Ludwig was hot on her trail: “No no, I think Poki voted for you, Toast. I lied (about voting for Corpse) to see if someone else would vote for you to tie the vote… Poki voted for herself to maybe tie the vote. Cause if I had voted for her it would have been 2-2, and they would’ve won.”


“If Poki did that, she deserves the win,” Toast said, all the while being fed with misdirection from Pokimane.

Then when they actually got into the vote, all Poki had to do was throw off the conversation with a last remark: “Or we can vote Lud, cause everyone knows it was him… Bad b**ches vote for Lud.”

With only three players left, the game was sealed!

She even kept up the strats in the next game against Sykkuno, showing exactly how to manipulate people in Among Us with some trickery via proximity chat.