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Among Us

Disguised Toast reveals how much Among Us boosted his YouTube & streaming stats

Published: 3/Jun/2021 12:27

by Lauren Bergin


Offline TV sensation Jeremy ‘Disguised Toast’ Wang saw a meteoric rise during the Among Us era of 2020, but he’s revealed some insane stats that show just how much impact the game had on his career.

While 2020 has become synonymous with many things, Among Us is certainly one of them. The Mafia inspired party game became an instant hit for streamers everywhere, raking in millions of viewers.

One of the creators who benefitted from the title’s exponential rise was Disguised Toast. Despite moving away from the title as its popularity declined, he’s expressed an interest in jumping back into space once a month with the initial team that used to play together.


It turns out, though, that despite all of the other games he’s played during his time on the internet, Among Us is the one that has had the most impact.

Disguised Toast
Twitter: DisguisedToast
The Among Us sensation has revealed just how much the game changed his life.

On the recent episode of his ‘20,000 IQ’ series, the streamer sat down to discuss the impact of Among Us on his career.

When asked ” how do you think Among Us has changed your life,” he pulls out his phone and drops some wild stats. “So August 1, 2020, that’s when we first played, I had 1.2 million subscribers on YouTube. I now have 3.5 million, so more than doubled.”

“On Twitter, I had about 600,000 followers, I now have 1.3 million. More than doubled. On Twitch, the platform I don’t stream on besides like, three times in the last months, I had 1.3 million followers on Twitch, and now I’m at 2 million.”


“So 700,000 on a channel that wasn’t even streaming, because a lot of these viewers, they’re in other Twitch streams and they’re like ‘oh, this Disguised Toast guy seems pretty smart, let’s watch his stream! He’s not streaming now, let me follow him.’ The game was so popular that 700,000 people followed a channel that didn’t stream.”

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His social media also saw massive growth. “Instagram went from 300k to 800k, almost tripled, and Facebook went from 600k to 1.5 million.”

He confesses that “I’ve been streaming for about five years now and the last eight months doubled all my numbers. I essentially did it all again, but in eight months, so it’s kind of surreal to think about it, that Among Us was so big.”


It’s insane to think that the game fell off of the face of the Earth a few months later given these figures. Whether or not it makes a return remains to be seen, but either way, Toast has etched himself into both the Among Us and streaming history books with this meteoric rise to fame.