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Disguised Toast explains why he wants to start playing Among Us again

Published: 25/May/2021 14:25

by James Busby


Popular streamer Jeremy ‘Disguised Toast’ Wang has given his thoughts on Among Us and why he misses playing the social deduction game. 

Among Us continues to be a popular game amongst streamers and players who want to play games with a large group of friends. It’s this social aspect that helps keeps the game from getting stale, but after nearly a year of consistent videos, Disguised Toast has dropped the game in favor of new ventures. While he may not upload Among Us content daily, the streaming star does occasionally enjoy going back to the game. 

During a recent stream, Disguised Toast gave his thoughts on Among Us and explained why he wants to start playing it again. This certainly came as a surprise to fans as he officially ended his Among Us streams May 1. Since then, Toast has been busy playing GTA RP and hanging out with his audience in Twitch’s Just Chatting streams. Despite his recent move from Among Us content, Toast has provided insights into future content surrounding the game.


Disguised Toast misses Among Us

Sykkuno Among Us stream
YouTube: Sykkuno
Among Us continues to be a popular game for streamers to play.

During a recent stream, Toast joined the likes of Sykkuno, Valkyrae, and Corpse Husband to play some Among Us. Despite being away for a number of months, the streamer appeared to be indifferent about the game. “I’m having fun, like socializing,” said Toast. “Maybe Among Us can be a game that we play once a month, maybe that’s how we do Among Us.”

This is obviously a huge difference from Toast’s daily Among Us uploads, but it will be a welcomed one for fans of the social deduction game. However, Toast did give his opinions on why he misses doing Among Us streams, but it’s not for the reason most fans would think: “I do miss playing in a group of people, but I don’t miss the gameplay. I think it’s great for meeting new people, it’s a great icebreaker.”


The social aspect of Among Us has always been a big draw for many Among Us players, but there’s no denying that the game can get stale, especially when you play with the same group of people.

“I wouldn’t mind playing it with a lot of new people and the same lobby,” said Toast. “As far as actual gameplay goes, when you play with people you know too well, it’s just not as intense.

“It’s probably best not to play too much and to play with a different crowd. Finding a new game is what I want.”


Quite what this “new game” will be still remains a mystery, but either way, fans will be happy to see Toast interacting with streamers no matter what he plays next.