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The two archdruids in Season of Discovery (Hero Talents guide)

As World of Warcraft continues its progression towards the release of The War Within later this year, Blizzard is revealing more specifics about one of the major changes under the hood, in Hero Talents.

Existing WoW players will be intimately familiar with the talent system that is already in place for each class. These branching trees offer both passive buffs and active abilities for each of the game’s specializations, or sub-classes.

Hero Talents are designed to complement and build upon those foundations while existing in their own insular space. Each class has three Hero Talent trees in total, with each class spec able to pick between two of those. The exceptions to this rule are Druids, who have four in total, and Demon Hunters, who have two.

Over the next few months, Blizzard is revealing specific trees for each class. Here are all of the confirmed details for the Keeper of the Grove Druid Hero Talents.

Keeper of the Grove Druid full Hero Talent tree explained

Tyrande Whisperwind the Druid in Season of Discovery

As with every Hero Talents system set to be introduced into the game, Keeper of the Grove Druid features a keystone and capstone talent for players to build from and into. Here’s the complete list of Hero Talents for this class archetype:

Keeper of the Grove Keystone talent

Dream Surge: Force of Nature grants 3 charges of Dream Burst, causing your next Wrath or Starfire to explode on the target, dealing Nature damage to nearby enemies. Damage is reduced above 5 targets.

Grove Guardians causes your next targeted heal to create 2 Dream Petals near the target, healing up to 3 nearby allies. Stacks up to 3 charges.

Keeper of the Grove first-row talents

Treants of the Moon: Your treants cast Moonfireon nearby targets about once every 6 seconds.

Expansiveness: Your maximum mana is increased by 5% and your maximum Astral Power is increased by 20.

Protective Growth: Your Regrowth protects you, reducing damage you take by 8% while your Regrowth is on you.

Keeper of the Grove second-row talents

Choice Node: Power of Nature & Durability of Nature

  • Power of Nature: YourForce of Nature treants no longer taunt and deal 20% increased damage. Your Grove Guardians increase the healing of your RejuvenationEfflorescence and Lifebloom by 5% while active.
  • Durability of Nature: Your Force of Nature treants have 50% increased health. Your Grove Guardians Nourish and Swiftmend spells also apply a minor Cenarion Ward that heals the target over 8 seconds the next time they take damage.

Cenarius’ Might: Casting Starsurge or Starfall increases the damage of your next Starsurge or Starfall by 10%, stacking up to 2 times. Casting another spell cancels this effect.

Casting RegrowthWild Growth, or Swiftmend increases the healing of your next RegrowthWild Growth, or Swiftmend by 10%, stacking up to 2 times. Casting another spell cancels this effect.

Choice Node: Grove’s Inspiration & Persistent Enchantments

  • Grove’s Inspiration: Wrath and Starfiredamage increased by 12%. RegrowthWild Growth, and Swiftmend healing increased by 6%.
  • Persistent Enchantments:Orbital Strike applies Stellar Flare for 20 seconds and Primordial Arcanic Pulsar grants Celestial Alignment for 2 additional seconds. Reforestation grants Tree of Life for 2 additional seconds.

Keeper of the Grove third-row talents

Choice Node: Bounteous Bloom & Early Spring

  • Bounteous Bloom: Your Force of Nature treants generate 3 Astral Power every 2 seconds. Your Grove Guardians’ healing is increased by 20%.
  • Early Spring: Force of Nature cooldown reduced by 10 seconds. Grove Guardians cooldown reduced by 3 seconds.

Choice Node: Power of the Dream & Control of the Dream

  • Power of the Dream: Force of Nature grants an additional stack of Dream Burst. Healing spells cast with Dream Surge generate an additional Dream Petal. Cenarius’ Might increases spell damage or healing by an additional 5%.
  • Control of the Dream: Time elapsed while your major abilities are available to be used is subtracted from that ability’s cooldown after the next time you use it, up to 5 seconds. Affects Nature’s SwiftnessIncarnation: Tree of LifeForce of NatureCelestial Alignment and Convoke the Spirits.

Blooming Infusion: Every 5 Regrowths you cast make your next WrathStarfire, or Entangling Roots instant and increases the damage it deals by 100%. Every 5 Starsurges or Starfalls you cast makes your next Regrowth or Entangling Roots instant.

Keeper of the Grove Capstone talent

Harmony of the Grove: Each of your Force of Nature treants increases damage your spells deal by 3% while active. Each of your Grove Guardians increases your healing done by 3% while active.

The War Within is set for a full release in the second half of 2024. Before it does arrive, the developer is set to confirm further Hero Talent trees across all of the game’s major classes.

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