WoW dev confirms STV changes in Season of Discovery after “performance issues”

James Lynch
The Blood Moon rises over STV in Season of Discovery

As one of the centerpiece activities in World of Warcraft: Season of Discovery, the Blood Moon PvP event in STV has a lot riding on it. Now, one senior developer working on the game has confirmed that they have rolled out changes to address performance issues.

In the first phase of the game, Ashenvale played host to a first-of-its-kind PvP event. As non-instanced content, it allowed players to fight huge-scale wars against the opposite faction, with a few NPC enemies thrown in for good measure.

Phase Two launched on February 8, bringing with it a new event in STV known as The Blood Moon. There are a few major changes, chiefly that this is a free-for-all, in which players can kill members of their own factions.

Unfortunately, there have been multiple reports of performance issues in the zone while the event is active. In response, the development team has confirmed that changes have been rolled out which should go some way to addressing the most pressing problems.

Season of Discovery STV Blood Moon event gets “adjustments” to improve performance

In a post on Twitter/X, Senior Game Producer Josh Greenfield confirmed the development team had made “adjustments” designed to address performance issues in STV.

Unlike many reported issues in Classic WoW, the root cause of the problem is unclear to the wider community. That said, Greenfield has asked for feedback from those playing the event, on whether they notice improved performance moving forward.

Players of the game have also voiced complaints about PvP in Season of Discovery more generally. The increased power on offer to players has led to some very short encounters with enemy players, and some feel that it is not particularly in keeping with the spirit of Classic WoW.

With plenty of time before the third phase of the game begins, the STV PvP event is set to continue serving as the primary activity. Beyond that, little is known about what the development team has planned for the future.

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