WoW players upset over limited group finder functionality

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World of Warcraft players are frustrated over the limited functionality of the group finder feature when playing.

For most of the MMORPG genre, finding groups to complete quests or raids is extremely helpful to all players. This is especially true with WoW.

The process of finding other players to team up with is usually done through a group-finding tool. This can show all the information needed to team up with the right people for quests, story content, or ongoing events in the game.

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Yet players of WoW are frustrated with the title’s party finder, as it lacks many features that other games have long since adapted to.

WoW players are frustrated with group finder

Fans of the popular MMORPG World of Warcraft took to Reddit to discuss the problem and ways to improve on it.

When looking for a group, the player gets five applications to send out. They reset after some time, but not every group will decline the invitation. This leaves the player to wait up to fifteen minutes before it cancels itself. 

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The names listed for the groups are all very similar, such as: +[KEY LEVEL] [DUNGEON ABBREVIATION] or just +[KEY LEVEL]. There is also overlap, as so many players in the game are at different points, all trying to complete certain content. 

There are add-ons players can download that highlight previous attempts to join, but many feel that a game as old as WoW should already have addressed the issue.

One user commented on the post saying: “I completely agree. The group finder is primitive and in need of many upgrades/refinements.”

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Players are upset over the outdated group finder system

Another user went into detail about the problem and said: “The whole design of the group finder is bass-ackwards. Why do we sign up for specific groups rather than queue for dungeons and keys that we want to do? Imagine if you said ‘I want to run a +15-17 key for SBG, AA, or CoS’, and in the UI, you could go LFG for exactly that. When a group gets listed for say AA +16, you would automatically get listed. From there, everything works the same with the party leader seeing you listed. They can decline you and you wouldn’t even know it. It’s ridiculously annoying spending 45+ minutes spamming refresh and signing up for groups individually.”

The change may come in a future update at some point, but for now, players must rely on external addons to keep things organized.

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