WoW Dragonflight players discover underwater Easter eggs after patch 10.0.5

WoW players find easter eggs of the old gods within new dragon flight expansion.Blizzard

World of Warcraft Dragonflight players have discovered a change in one of the underwater areas after patch 10.0.5 and have been left speculating about what it could mean.

In the massive online world of WoW, thousands of players traverse the world of Azeroth leveling up their characters and finding new things along their journey.

Finding hidden locations and things such as Easter eggs within the world are not uncommon for many games to have. Though in MMORPGs, can be a bit more difficult to find with how big some of the worlds can be. 

In an area in the Dragon Isles, some fans have noticed a change from what was originally there.

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Underwater WoW Easter eggs appear after patch 10.0.5

One player recently took to Reddit with a screenshot of an underwater area within the Dragon Isles where you used to be able to see the eye of Nzoth and tentacles surrounding a pile of treasure.

After the patch on January 25, that eye is now no longer there and has since been replaced with three literal Easter eggs, designed in bright colors and designs. 

Back in December, one fan shared footage of the location and the Easter eggs were nowhere to be seen.

Fans have speculated what it could mean in the comments, with one saying: “I’m leaning towards too many assumptions. Pretty sure someone else pointed out that the entire scene with the shipwreck and the eyes etc was copy-pasted from BFA too.”

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Another brought up two possible options, saying: “They have old god plans and changed the eyeball to decrease the spoilers. OR, we have been making too many assumptions and they turned into Easter eggs to let us know that all it was meant to be was a nifty Easter egg.”

Within the new Dragonflight expansion, the old gods, what Nzoth is, have not been introduced into the storyline. Seeing his eye and tentacles in the shipwreck led some to think that it may be a future tease of things to come. While others have said those same assets have been used elsewhere.

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For now, players will have to wait and think of what it could mean on their own, while also keeping an eye out for any new Easter eggs or bigger theories of what could come.