WoW players furious with Season of Discovery elitists for “breeding bad players”

James Lynch
A Gnome stands ready in Season of Discovery

World of Warcraft players have grown tired of certain attitudes within the community at large. These attitudes seem to have permeated Season of Discovery, with many claiming that it has destroyed the spirit the game worked so hard to build.

In a post on Reddit, one player railed against the behavior of “elitists” across the player base. Specifically, they are referring to those who exhibit arrogance, rudeness, and impatience when running through the game’s activities.

These have arguably been issues in Modern WoW for several years. The introduction of Mythic+ dungeons, timed activities, and other high-difficulty prestige events caused many to become very stringent when deciding who to run those activities with.

That said, it was difficult to see why this would be necessary in Season of Discovery. The focus on fun and experimentation in the Classic WoW setting makes even the most challenging activities achievable for the weakest classes, let alone stronger options.

Many were quick to agree, with one saying: “Funny thing is the best players aren’t even the most toxic ones in my experience. It’s the B and C tier that are coping out of their minds that they’re ‘elite’. If not for other players holding them back. This is why they act the way they do.”

Another added, “When I’ve played with high-performing players, they’ve almost all been excellent at performing mechanics. Generally (though not always), they have been good team players. I’ve found the lower-performing players tend to mess up mechanics more. Bad team players can come at all levels of performance.”

It’s difficult to see why attitudes like the above are necessary in Season of Discovery. With later phases still to come, it may get worse before it gets better.

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