WoW players call for Blizzard to remove “outdated” heirloom feature

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World of Warcraft players are demanding Blizzard remove or reinvent heirlooms, with many calling the process convoluted and “outdated.”

Many World of Warcraft players know heirlooms are powerful pieces of gear that can only be bought and conveniently scale with a player’s level.

However, upgrading WoW heirlooms can be fairly convoluted, with multiple different upgrade tiers at different levels.

Now, players are calling for Blizzard to outright remove or optimize the game’s “outdated” heirloom feature.

WoW players call for big heirloom changes

A post on the World of Warcraft subreddit gained traction among the community after calling out the archaic heirloom system.

The post, titled “Can we get rid of upgrading heirlooms,” suggested that heirlooms simply be level 1 through 60 without the need to upgrade them at all, calling the mechanic “outdated.”

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Many players in the comments agreed and said the system needed a big overhaul. “Tbh heirlooms feel gutted since they lost their XP bonus… I just start to throw on whatever drops next after the heirloom hits its current max level,” said user Lavanthus.

Another player noted just how “useless heirlooms often feel and said, “the fact that you can level from 10-50 in 4hrs, how much rested xp are you even going to use? Very very little. So you pay 200k+ gold for the buff when you ding…not worth at all.”

However, there were some who think that Blizzard will never end up changing how heirlooms work, as it’s a tried-and-true way to make players spend their gold.

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“It’s simply a mechanism designed to make you spend your gold. Like repairing. We don’t need to repair, it’s just there so you have something to spend money on,” commented another.

Still, some put forth solutions that Blizzard could implement to bring new back life to heirlooms. User Baggedapplemilk said, “I think one set of heirlooms should be usable on all armor types (plate/cloth/leather/mail) instead of having to upgrade 20 dif pieces to 5/5.”

Another fan said that just being able to upgrade heirlooms via the heirloom UI would make a huge difference in the process of upgrading and using them.

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Whether or not Blizzard takes these changes to heart as WoW Dragonflight’s release approaches remains to be seen, but it’s clear many players want changes to heirlooms.