WoW Pilgrim’s Bounty event guide: Buffs, Cosmetics, Battle Pets & more

A Gnome runs away from a turkey in WoW's Pilgrim's Bounty eventBlizzard Entertainment

The Pilgrim’s Bounty event is now live in World of Warcraft, and players have a limited time to earn unique themed rewards before it ends.

Events are a huge part of the WoW calendar, with many offering the chance at unique loot that can only be earned for the duration of the event. Pilgrim’s Bounty is Blizzard’s take on Thanksgiving, with all of the feasts and in-game celebrations that players would expect.

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This time around, there are many seasonal items to collect and some useful buffs available that should help players in several important pursuits. With some significant factional differences to understand before heading into the event, here is our complete guide on everything the Pilgrim’s Bounty event offers.

World of Warcraft Pilgrim’s Bounty event full guide

The central feature of the Pilgrim’s Bounty event is the Bountiful Tables. Unusually, these tables are also found in each Dragon Isles zone this time and the faction capital cities. Sitting at these tables provides a 10%, 1-hour reputation experience buff called The Spirit of Sharing. This is particularly potent as it stacks with the 19% reputation gains from the WoW Anniversary celebrations.

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Pilgrim’s Bounty Bountiful Table locations

Alliance Locations

  • Darnassus
  • Exodar
  • Ironforge
  • Stormwind City
  • All other towns with innkeepers

Horde Locations

  • Orgrimmar
  • Silvermoon City
  • Thunder Bluff
  • Undercity
  • All other towns with innkeepers

Neutral Locations

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  • Valdrakken
  • Light’s Hope Chapel
  • Ruins of Thaurissan

Daily Quests and cosmetic rewards

One of the festival’s main features is the Daily Quests and the unique rewards they offer. Many of these are gathering-themed, requiring the player to bring ingredients to certain NPCs for the festivities. The list of Daily Quests is as follows:

  • Don’t Forget The Stuffing!
    • Start/End: Ondani Greatmill (Horde, Orgrimmar) or Caitrin Ironkettle (Alliance, Ironforge)
  • Easy As Pie
    • Start/End: Mahara Goldwheat (Horde, Thunder Bluff) or Mary Allerton (Alliance, Darnassus)
  • We’re Out of Cranberry Chutney Again?
    • Start/End: Roberta Carter (Horde, Undercity) or Ellen Moore (Alliance, Stormwind Gates)
  • She Says Potato
    • Start/End: William Mullins (Horde, Undercity Courtyard) or Jasper Moore (Alliance, Stormwind Gates)
  • Can’t Get Enough Turkey
    • Start/End: Ondani Greatmill (Horde, Orgrimmar) or Caitrin Ironkettle (Alliance, Ironforge)

Numerous “Pilgrim” themed cosmetic items are available to those who diligently complete their quests. These are the Pilgrim’s Hat, Pilgrim’s Attire, Pilgrim’s Dress, Pilgrim’s Robe and Pilgrim’s Boots. There is also a Fine Pilgrim’s Hat (which can be transmogged into the helm slot, regardless of armor type) that drops from the Pilgrim’s Bounty Daily Quest reward.

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Pilgrim’s Bounty Achievements and Battle Pets guide

The big reward that players can aim for during the event is the Plump Turkey Battle Pet, which is given to those who earn the Pilgrim achievement. The Pilgrim achievement is a cumulative accomplishment awarded to those who complete nine other achievements related to the festival. The full list of achievements required to unlock the Plump Turkey is as follows:

  • “FOOD FIGHT” – Bounce food off a fellow feaster’s head at a Bountiful Table
  • Now We’re Cookin’ – Cook up one of every Pilgrim’s Bounty dish
  • Pilgrim’s Paunch – Acquire The Spirit of Sharing from a complete Bountiful Table feast at every Horde or Alliance Capital
  • Pilgrim’s Peril – While wearing either a Pilgrim’s Dress, Pilgrim’s Robe, or Pilgrim’s Attire, take a seat at each enemy capital’s Bountiful Table
  • Pilgrim’s Progress – Complete each of the Pilgrim’s Bounty dailies
  • Sharing Is Caring – Pass one of every dish at a Bountiful Table
  • Terokkar Turkey Time – Defeat Talon King Ikiss while wearing a Pilgrim’s Hat and either a Pilgrim’s Dress, Robe, or Attire
  • The Turkinator – Hunt enough Wild Turkeys quickly enough to gain Turkey Triumph
  • Turkey Lurkey – Blast those dirty, sneaking Rogues with your Turkey Shooter.

Players are also able to unlock the Frightened Bush Chicken if they can successfully loot one from the Pilgrim’s Bounty quest rewards. In news that won’t surprise owners of Highlands Turkey pet, the Plump Turkey has an identical moveset, with Peck, Squawk, Food Coma, Slicing Wind, Gobble Strike, and Flock. The Frightened Bush Chicken has a few changes to its moveset, with players able to use Flock, Squawk, Headbutt, Savage Talon, Rake, and Cyclone in battle.

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That’s our guide to all the major highlights in this year’s Pilgrim’s Bounty event. With the boosts on offer to players, it’s a great time to earn exalted reps for mount and cosmetic rewards, particularly in conjunction with the Anniversary buff.

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