WoW players call for forgotten location to play a part in Season of Discovery

Ravenholdt Manor on the Azeroth World map in Season of Discovery

The announcement of World of Warcraft: Season of Discovery opened up a world of possibilities for exciting changes in Classic, and the WoW community would like to see one iconic location utilized further.

Season of Discovery was announced at Blizzcon, and though many may not have realized it instantly, it amounts to the closest approximation of Classic+ that players are going to get. Players will be able to find Runes that grant them new abilities, powers and loot, allowing them to enjoy new roles within the game’s Vanilla version.

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Additionally, the developer has promised that some unfinished zones will finally be able to serve their purpose and existing areas could be revamped to offer new challenges to confront. The latter area has been of particular interest, with many speculating on which zones could be in line for changes moving forward.

Now, one player has requested Blizzard make good use of one particular location, and many are in agreement.

Ravenholdt Manor could play a key role in Season of Discovery

In a post on Reddit, one user shared their belief that Blizzard should make better use of Ravenholdt Manor in Season of Discovery.

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Ravenholdt Manor, located in the Alterac Mountains, is best known for playing host to the faction of the same name and playing a part in a Rogue class questline. The Manor feels like a relatively unfinished piece of content in Classic WoW and would serve as a prime location for any potential changes.

Others quickly agreed, saying: “Absolutely! I could see a rogue rune being tied to Ravenholdt.” There was a consensus, as another said: “I think that would be a great way to give more content without the need for explaining where a cave magically appears or some other unnecessary change in order to add content.”

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Some did flag potential issues, including the jealousy of other classes who may not be presented with an equivalent. One said: “Great idea, I loved the legion class content. Of course, if they fully flesh out Ravenholdt Manor, other classes would complain that they don’t have something equal.”

Ravenholdt Manor is just one of many potential locations of change. With Season of Discovery set to release on November 30, fans won’t have long to wait to see what Blizzard has done with the place.

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