WoW devs reveal Torghast alternative is coming in Shadowlands patch 9.2

. 5 months ago
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World of Warcraft’s Torghast, Tower of the Damned, has been one of WoW Shadowlands’ most heavily criticized features, but patch 9.2 looks to make obtaining its Legendary items much easier.

World of Warcraft’s Shadowlands expansion has been quite the rollercoaster ride for both Blizzard and the game’s passionate fanbase.

As tempers continue to flare over the state of prime antagonist, Sylvanas Windrunner, the Jailer’s infamous Torghast, Tower of the Damned, has constantly come under fire by many players for being absolutely “abysmal.”

Plagued by a difficult leveling system that leaves players struggling to get enough Soul Ash to create Legendary items, it turns out that WoW Shadowlands patch 9.2 will make these coveted items a little more accessible with the introduction of an all-new currency.

world of warcraft wow shadowlands torghast tower of the damned dungeon
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Grinding Torghast is a pretty arduous chore, but 9.2 will see a new way to obtain Legendary items.

WoW Shadowlands 9.2 adds ‘Cosmic Flux’

During a Q&A with Lead Encounter Designer for WoW, Morgan Day, he told Dexerto about Blizzard’s plans to alleviate the pressure of constantly grinding the Torghast roulette.

“We’re actually introducing a new kind of universal currency called Cosmic Flux that you’ll get from doing a large range of activities,” he states.

“Previously, as you’ve seen, in order to craft your Legendary you’d have to engage with Torghast – that was the only way you could craft it. With the Eternity’s End update that Cosmic Flux will come from a large range of activities so that will hopefully appeal to players of all types.”

“That’s something that we feel players will be pretty happy about because they’ve been doing Torghast for a few minutes now,” he concludes, noting that Blizzard “have had lots of feedback regarding that.”

world of warcraft wow shadowlands eternity's end patch 9.2 forge of afterlives in zerith mortis
Blizzard Entertainment
Zerith Mortis awaits our heroes, but will they be able to get out unscathed?

It turns out, however, that Cosmic Flux will also be the fuel for the Creation Catalyst, and brand new forge that will help you craft the highly anticipated class sets.

“Not only can that Cosmic Flux be used to craft your Legendaries, that’s also the currency that you’ll use in the Creation Catalyst,” explains Day, making the currency more flexible than the Torghast specific Soul Ash.

With Eternity’s End just around the corner and the conclusion of the Shadowlands saga lurking on the horizon, it’ll be interesting to see how the addition of Cosmic Flux affects the game. Who knows, maybe the hallowed halls of Torghast will fall silent once more – only time will tell.

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