WoW dev confirms major change to Arathi Basin items in Season of Discovery & Era

James Lynch
The Arathi Basin battleground in WoW

Though Season of Discovery changed a lot about the Classic World of Warcraft formula, those alterations remained restricted to the seasonal experience. In a break from that tradition, a significant Arathi Basin change is being simultaneously instituted in both.

As was to be expected, Arathi Basin PvP was added to Season of Discovery in Phase Two. In a similar fashion to Warsong Gulch, AB brought with it two new factions and associated reputations to grind. In turn, these offer new and powerful items for players to buy.

Depending on their chosen faction, players can grind towards Exalted reputation with either the Defilers or the League of Arathor. One caveat is that much of the gear available has been locked to specific classes, making the grind more worthwhile for some classes over others.

Now, the developer behind the game has announced a major change that should please many in the community.

Arathi Basin items will no longer be class-locked

In a blue post on the official World of Warcraft website, the development team confirmed that the items earned from Arathi Basin vendors will no longer be locked to specific classes.

Describing the pre-existing restrictions as arbitrary, Senior Game Producer Josh Greenfield confirmed class restrictions for the 3-piece armor sets would be removed. The stated intention is to allow for more flexibility in PvP gearing.

Additionally, this change is being rolled out on Era servers. Though the player base is split across multiple games, this will likely be good news to the Era stalwarts. No specific date was given for the rollout here, but it will likely follow the next weekly maintenance.

Season of Discovery has paved the way for several quality-of-life changes that many believe improve Classic WoW. What happens after SoD ends is unclear, but it’s likely major innovations will remain in the game in some capacity.