WoW Dark Heart Content Update 10.2.7 patch notes

James Lynch
The Dark Heart update for WoW

World of Warcraft: Dragonflight is drawing to a close, and things are ramping up ahead of the release of the next expansion, The War Within. The next step in that process is the Dark Heart Content Update, which paves the way for what’s to come.

The first thing to note here is that it kicks off the upcoming story in earnest. Archmage Khadgar summons the player to Dalaran to investigate a mysterious figure known as The Harbinger, who possesses a powerful relic known as the Dark Heart.

Additionally, Draenei and Troll players can now also unlock their Heritage Armor. Draenei players Level 50 and above need to track down the Magically-Sealed Parcel to start the An Artificer’s Appeal quest. For Trolls, seek out Zi’guma in Orgrimmar and start the Return to the Echo Isles quest.

Read on for our full breakdown of all the changes coming in the Dark Heart Content Update.

Dark Heart complete patch notes


  • Added six new hair colors for Kul Tiran.


    • The hunter pet stable has been updated:
      • The pet preview window is now larger.
      • More information about the pet is displayed, including a list of abilities.
      • Pets can be favorited and added to a separate group at the top of the stable list.
      • The stable list is now searchable and sortable by name, specialization, abilities, and more.
      • Pets can now be renamed directly from the stable without certificate items.
      • Pets can now be released directly from the stable without needing to be summoned.
      • For the Beast Mastery specialization, the pet that is summoned by the Animal Companion talent now has a dedicated slot next to the Active pet list. The tooltip has been updated to reflect this change.


  • Increased the drop rate of Oozing Necroray Egg obtained from Tribute of the Ambitious and Tribute of the Duty-Bound.


  • All Dragonflight quests that previously became available with Renown levels are now available to all max-level player characters, regardless of Renown.
    • After learning from Chromie and Kalecgos about the Visage Day celebrations of Azeroth’s past, Emberthal feels pressured to choose her own visage form. However, she remains uncertain of the path she should take. Speak with Chromie in Valdrakken to learn more.
    • A night elf has arrived at Bel’ameth to bury the family she lost at Teldrassil. But when her deceased sister is revealed to be a traitor, will the night elves show her sister forgiveness or demand accountability for her sins? Level 70 players can speak with Malfurion Stormrage at the Terrace of the Moon in Bel’ameth to accept the quest “An Uncommon Request” and start this questline.

User Interface & Accessibility

  • Several changes have been made to improve the experience of finding groups in Premade Group Finder:
    • A filter button has been added that lets you filter results for:
      • Specific dungeons
      • Your role available
      • None of your class is already in a group
      • Tank and/or healer already in a group
      • Minimum Mythic+ Rating of the leader
      • Difficulty
    • The role icons on each listing now show class colors, so you can see the current group makeup at a glance.
    • The listing tooltip now shows the leader’s info in a more readable format: their Mythic+ Rating, their highest key for the listed dungeon, and their highest key for all dungeons.
    • The listing tooltip now shows info for all members of the group, including their specialization and Mythic+ Rating.
    • The listing tooltip now shows the dungeon/raid name and difficulty.
    • A help tip tutorial has been added to teach players that they can search a key range for precise results (for example, 6-10 or 7-7).
    • Groups that no longer fit your filter criteria are marked with a red background (for example, if you selected “Damage role available” and a listed group filled up on damage dealers).
    • Groups you are hard declined from are automatically marked in red and sorted to the bottom.
    • In the leader applicants pane, the applicant tooltip now shows the applicant’s info in a more readable format: their Mythic+ Rating, their highest key for the listed dungeon, and their highest key for all dungeons.
    • Advanced filters will now only appear for max-level characters.
    • Filter options will now save between sessions.
    • Language filters will no longer appear for characters on North American realms.
    • Declined applications will now save between refreshes.
  • Recipes can now be tracked from the Crafting Orders window.
  • An option has been added to the Auction House filters to show only current expansion items.
  • The location of Dragonriding Races can now be toggled in the Map filter.
  • You can now create or find a group participating in a Scenario by clicking the Group Finder icon on the Scenario objective.
  • The number of help tip tutorials that appear when logging in on a new character has been reduced.
  • Mount tooltips now show the category the mount belongs in: Ground, Aquatic, Flying, or Dragonriding.
  • When previewing an ensemble or arsenal, the Dressing Room will now show a list of items included in the bundle. Each item can be viewed independently by clicking its name in the list.
  • Solo Shuffle scoreboards will now show the results of the match (Victory, Draw, or Defeat) in the title.
    • Mount categories (Ground, Aquatic, Flying, or Dragonriding) will now be shown in the Trading Post details panel.
    • Level requirements for using a mount will now be shown in the Trading Post details panel.
    • Combat and Mount Special animations can now be toggled in the Trading Post.