World of Warcraft cosplayer mesmerizes as Queen Azshara at the beach

Cosplay World of Warcraft Blizzard Entertainment Queen AzsharaBlizzard Entertainment | Sawaka Instagram
Cosplayer Sawaka has wowed World of Warcraft fans on Instagram and Reddit with her beautiful portrayal of Queen Azshara.

One of the reasons why World of Warcraft has endured for over 15 years is because its 95 million-strong player base identifies with the extensive lore of its fictional characters. Queen Azshara is one of the oldest characters in the game, and despite being evil, she is one of the most popular, too.

Queen Azshara has been alive for thousands of years. She’s courageous, charismatic, and persuasive enough even to turn an old god into her ally. She’s the epitome of power and beauty in World of Warcraft, and fans love that.

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Queen Azshara World of Warcraft CosplayBlizzard Entertainment
World of Warcraft holds the record for being the most-subscribed MMORPG.

There have been many Queen Azshara cosplays over the years, but Sawaka’s is up there with the best. Not only has she nailed her look, but by shooting it at the ocean, she has fully embraced the queen of the Naga.

Her hair is pearly white and flowy, framing her face. Like other night elves, her ears stick out from her hair, too. She’s also got her accessories down, including the gold crown with a ruby-colored gemstone in the center. 

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Her outfit is complemented by her lustrous yet sadistic-looking eye-makeup and blood-red lipstick. And when combined with Sawaka’s almost-glowing yellow-gold eyes, Azshara looks ethereal and unreal. Her necklace and rings complete her royal aura.

As for her clothes, her flowing dress is elegant and sophisticated, making this cosplay look identical to the fictional character. Her corset, lined with white feathers, takes the cosplay to another level as it almost makes the clothing look extra light. Not just that, but the bracers, bands and belt she wears on her arms, legs and waist show off strength and composure as if she’s ready for a fight at any time, just like Queen Azshara.

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Lastly, the feature that ties it all together is her blue and purple skin, making Sawaka look like a real Night Elf. Although this is photoshopped rather than body paint, it’s done so well that it looks real.

It has already gotten 1,000 likes on Instagram and over 1,200 upvotes on Reddit, with fans calling her cosplay “amazing” and that “so accurate.” 

If you like this, check out her other cosplays, like D.Va from Overwatch to K/DA Ahri from League of Legends, to even Final Fantasy’s Tifa Lockhart. She brings some of the most popular video game characters to life every time.

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