WoW guild gets world-first Kel’Thuzad Horde kill on Classic Hardcore

James Lynch
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Though Season of Discovery may have drawn much of the attention away, Hardcore World of Warcraft is still thriving. One intrepid Horde guild is testament to that, completing one of the game’s most difficult activities.

For those unfamiliar with the premise, Hardcore servers are a brutal twist on the Classic WoW formula. This permadeath game mode turns every nasty mob and difficult activity into a potentially game-ending scenario.

The leveling process is difficult enough, but the endgame activities that kill so many on normal Era servers become relative suicide missions. Despite that risk, some brave souls have continued to plug away at the endgame raids.

Now, one guild has managed to conquer the entirety of Naxxramas and AQ40 as members of the Horde.

Soul of Iron guild scores full Naxxramas clear

In a post on Reddit, a member of the guild Soul of Iron shared how they had been successfully in clearing the entirety of Naxxramas. As if that wasn’t mad enough, they have also full cleared AQ40 and survived as a guild.

This achievement is impressive in its own right, but it becomes more shocking when taking into consideration that these are Horde players. Alliance has a distinct advantage going into these activities thanks to Paladin blessings and other faction-unique buffs.

Up to now, many have fallen foul of Hardcore WoW’s unforgiving nature. Popular streamer Pokimane started her first experience in the game relatively smoothly, before falling foul of the notorious Harvest Watcher.

Asmongold also recently tried his hand at Hardcore after initially refusing to do so. The situation came about after he made a bet with his audience that he would play, but only if Blizzard announced Classic+. Season of Discovery was seen as close enough and the popular streamer quickly lagged out his server after logging in for the first time.

It’s nice to see that, despite all the flavors of WoW available to players, some are still traversing its most unforgiving mode.