Evidence suggests World of Warcraft movie sequel is in the works

World of Warcraft Movie Sequel Blizzard EntertainmentWarcraft | Blizzard Entertainment

After four long years of waiting, it appears as though Warcraft 2 might be making its way to the big screen soon.

World of Warcraft has captivated players worldwide since 2004. With over 95 million players, it’s grown to be a success of its own. In 2016, that success transitioned from game to movie with Warcraft – a fantasy movie based on the popular MMORPG. Although it was popular among fans with over $200 million in ticket sales in China, it didn’t hit right with critics and nor did it reach an expected $450 million at the box office.

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The film was focused on a feud between orcs and humans called the Great War. From blades to arcane spells, Warcraft was filled with non-ending bloodshed and battle. Despite the setting being accurate in-game, this didn’t hit well with critics as they called it “disinteresting and stale” and even went far as saying that it “suffers from the lack of a solid screenplay.”

Despite the bad reviews, Michael Morhaime, former President of Blizzard Entertainment, backed up the movie by stating that “nothing else matters as the movie was made for the fans.” Now with new evidence, Warcraft may be making its second attempt to wow supporters – and hopefully critics, too.

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Warcraft World of Warcraft Blizzard Entertainment MoviesWarcraft | Blizzard Entertainment
Warcraft is the highest-grossing game adaptation of all time.

Legendary Pictures already has the next entry in development, according to Daniel Ritchman. Not only that, but casting seems to have already begun to take place as actors and directors have been reportedly eyed.

Academy Award-winning director Peter Jackson, who has handled various fantasy series and movies like The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings, might be playing a part in Warcraft 2. Although unsure whether the budget will be bigger this time around, if Jackson is on board, Blizzard Entertainment might not need to worry about bringing in numbers.

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Additionally, Chris Pratt has been reportedly shortlisted to star in the sequel, most likely with a lead human role. Although the actor has played more serious roles than fantasy, the studio seeks the actor and awaits signing.

Warcraft World of Warcraft Blizzard Entertainment Orcs HumansWarcraft | Blizzard Entertainment
Warcraft only made $47 million in the USA but reached $391 million around the world.

With all these hints pointing towards a sequel, it questions what the focus will be as WoW‘s storyline is a tome full of history.

We might be seeing a continuation from the first movie with the baby orc named Go’el, turning into the mighty champion, Thrall, and shaping the sequel. We could also see Anduin Lothar, in action with the proceedings of the second war, as he unites all seven human kingdoms under the Kingdom of Lorderon.

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The movie plot might even go beyond and revamp Garona’s storyline as it’s not the clearest in-game. Overall, with all these opportunities at hand for Warcraft 2, fans will have to wait a while before the movie trailer releases. But as always, take all rumors with a grain of salt.

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