World of Warcraft players demand return of beloved tier sets

Samantha Giambra
World of Warcraft tier sets from tier 2

World of Warcraft fans are asking for a rework of some of the most iconic tier sets to hit the game since 2005.

Tier gear has always been a hot topic in the WoW community, with some players feeling like their designs haven’t been worth the Transmog. Tier 2 raids rewarded colorful sets with unique animations from WoW’s OG raids such as Molten Core and Onyxia’s lair. Dragonstalker was the talk of the town back in the day, but since then, not all of the sets have received modernization.

Fans of the long-running MMO have taken to Reddit to suggest their return once more and see if maybe this time Blizzard will hear their pleas. 

Players are asking to see the return of their favorite classic sets

In a Reddit thread with over 900 upvotes at the time of writing, user nightbreedwon1, asked the question: “Who else agrees the next raid tier, they should do a modern Tier 2 theme like they did with Tomb of Sargarus?”

Tomb of Sargarus from Legion reprised the classic looks of the Raid armors, bringing back beloved sets from WoW’s past. Players are hoping to see the return of this feature in future Raids. 

Though these revitalized sets were not spot on in terms of the animations and colors, they were pretty close to what fans came to know and love from tier gear within raids. One of the biggest caveats with Tomb of Sargeras gear was that it appeared to not match the theme of the raid at all; some fans actually liked that idea. 

Since the early days of WoW, it seems that the flow of new Tier Set ideas has come to a screeching halt according to one Reddit user who stated “Idk why they don’t do more set remasters. I thought it was a sick idea for Tomb and wasn’t even really thematically tied to that raid at all. Remember in BFA/SL when they just gave up and stopped having ideas for class sets? Why didn’t they just remaster old sets? Were they really that strapped for assets?”

One fan mentioned “I would love to get remakes of all the vanilla sets again! Some of them are absolutely beautiful and deserve to be seen again” further proving that

Though, of course, there would be a few long-time players who might gripe about reusing assets, it appears that some just want that feeling of glee from collecting colorful, interesting, and intricate Tier Gear brought back from WoW’s earliest days.