Getting where you need to go in WoW Classic – Full Horde and Alliance travel route guide

Bill Cooney

World of Warcraft players know that travel time is a big part of the gameplay, and that’s true for WoW Classic as well, so we’ve put together this guide to help you cut down on travel time and move around Azeroth as efficiently as possible.

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There are two main methods of fast travel in WoW, flight routes and vehicles like boats, Zeppelins and the Alliance tram that runs between ironforge and Stormwind.

Once you know where to go, it’s possible to get through Azeroth in a good amount of time, even without a mount, but for new players or those who haven’t played WoW in awhile it can be tricky to figure out exactly where everything is.

Blizzard EntertainmentWalking from Ironforge to Stormwind is impossible at low levels, which is why the Deeprun Tram exists.
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Flight paths in WoW Classic can get pricy, depending on how far you’re traveling and where you are in the area you’re starting from. Players also have to unlock each flight path before they can use it, which means your first trip to a zone will be on foot unless you happen to know a high-level Warlock. 

Boats, zeppelins, and the tram don’t cost anything, but players might have to wait a few minutes for them to show up.

WoW Classic Horde Travel Routes

Horde travel routes in WoW Classic.

Most of the Horde’s flight routes are on the Western continent of Kalimdor, where the capital cities of Ogrimmar and Thunder Bluff are located.

The Horde also have Zeppelins available to travel between continents on.

Kalimdor to Eastern Kingdoms

  • The Thundercaller: Orgrimmar, Durotar – Undercity, Tirisfal Glades
  • The Iron Eagle: Orgrimmar, Durotar – Grom’gol Base Camp, Stranglethorn Vale

Eastern Kingdoms Zeppelin

  • The Purple Princess: Undercity, Tirisfal Glades – Grom’gol Base Camp, Stranglethorn Vale

The horde only have access to one boat, between the neutral towns of Ratchet in the Barrens, and Booty Bay in Stranglethorn Vale.

  • The Maiden’s Fancy: Ratchet, The Barrens – Booty Bay, Stranglethorn Vale

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WoW Classic Alliance Travel Routes

The Alliance relies on boats to travel between continents and also have the only tram in the game.

The Alliance has flight paths spread across both continents, which can be very useful for Night Elf players (who start in the far northwest on Teldrassil) attempting to meet up with their other Alliance buddies in the Eastern Kingdoms.

Unlike the Horde, the Alliance maintains a good number of boats traveling between continents. Alliance players also have access to the neutral boat connecting Ratchet and Booty Bay (Barrens raid anyone?).

  • The Lady Mehley: Theramore, Dustwallow Marsh to Menethil Harbor, Wetlands
  • The Bravery: Auberdine, Darkshore to Menethil Harbor, Wetlands

Kalimdor Boats

  • The Moonspray: Rut’theran Village, Teldrassil to Auberdine, Darkshore
  • Feathermoon Ferry: The Forgotten Coast, Feralas to Sardor Isle, Feralas

Unique to the Alliance is the Deeprun Tram, connecting Ironforge and Stormwind. In Ironforge the tram can be accessed through Tinkertown, while in Stormwind the station is appropriately found in the Dwarven District.

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