WoW Cataclysm Classic Stonecore guide: Boss tactics, loot drops, Heroic & more

James Lynch
The entrance to the Stonecore

With all of the trappings that players would expect from a dungeon situated in Deepholm, The Stonecore is one of the most visually striking World of Warcraft: Cataclysm dungeons. Thankfully, there is also some great loot to collect along the way.

The dungeon technically unlocks at Level 81, though it is sensible to wait until 82 (unless you’re exceptionally well-geared). Instead, farm Blackrock Caverns first, then take on the horrors of The Stonecore.

There are four bosses available in total, all of which are fairly mechanically simple to take on. Unfortunately, they make up for this by hitting exceptionally hard and taking down ill-prepared groups with ease in the process.

Here’s our full guide to conquering The Stonecore in Cataclysm Classic.

How to find the Stonecore entrance location

You can find the Stonecore entrance location by accepting the quest Hero’s Call: Deepholm! from the Hero’s Call Board in either Stormwind or Orgrimmar. After unlocking the zone, you’ll be able to get to the dungeon entrance by flying up to the platform on the Western side of the Temple of Earth.

Boss encounters guide

Here’s every boss in The Stonecore dungeon:

Boss One: Corborus

Corborus remains one of the best-looking dungeon bosses in the game, and it almost feels a shame to kill it, though we must. The Tank has a relatively simple job keeping aggro in the fight, but it’s important to remove the effect caused by Dampening Wave quickly, as it will prevent the Tank from being healed and can lead to death quickly.

Once Corborus goes underground, the encounter becomes remarkably straightforward. The group should focus on damaging the boss until it resurfaces. At this point, deal with the Rock Borer adds that spawn, then resume attacking. There aren’t any surprises to contend with here, so stay consistent, and you should be good.  

Boss Two: Slabhide

Fortunately, the journey remains relatively smooth with Slabhide. The Tank’s primary task is to position the boss away from the rest of the group, preventing Sand Blast from harming the DPS players. This strategic move significantly eases the Healer’s workload.

The boss has two other major abilities that require the player to make use of cues on the floor to avoid incoming damage. The first is Lava Fissure, which causes upward damage via cracks in the ground. Avoid stepping on those entirely. The other is Stalactite, which does enough damage to one-shot squishier classes on Heroic difficulty. These fall from the ceiling, so stay out of the landing sites, and you should be fine.

Boss Three: Ozruk

On balance, Ozruk may be the toughest fight in the dungeon. Once again, the Tank should keep the boss facing away from the group, and players should be aware of the Ground Slam AoE, which is relatively tight and easy to avoid, even for melee players.

Elementium Bulwark and Elementium Spike Shield will reflect spell and melee damage as a stacking damage-over-time debuff. Pick up one stack of this, where possible, to mitigate the boss’s main combos.

Damage the boss down while remaining hyper-vigilant for its mechanical loops. From there, it should die quickly.

Boss Four: High Priestess Azil

High Priestess Azil is yet another two-phase Cataclysm dungeon fight that requires careful maneuvering and spatial awareness. She will cast Summon Gravity Well repeatedly, an effect that pulls players towards it and causes major damage while they are at its center. Avoid these at all costs.

Curse of Blood should also be removed from whoever has it to prevent a very quick death during the fight. Phase Two is defined by Azil’s propensity to return to her platform. Whilst there, she is immune from damage and will spawn lots of adds, while also casting the one-shot Seismic Shards ability.

Look out for the cues on the ground to avoid that and kill all the adds by using the Gravity Wells and handing out individual damage where possible. Then wait for the boss to return from the platform and then burn her down quickly.

Stonecore gear drops & loot


  • Cinnabar Shoulder
  • Dolomite Adorned Gloves
  • Fist of Pained Senses
  • Key to the Endless Chamber
  • Phosphorescent Ring


  • Deep Delving Gloves
  • Hematite Plate Gloves
  • Quicksilver Blade
  • Reins of the Vitreous Stone Drake (Mount, Normal & Heroic)
  • Rose Quartz Band
  • Stalagmite Dragon


  • Belt of the Ringworm
  • Elementium Scale Bracers
  • Pendant of the Lightless Grotto
  • Sword of the Bottomless Pit
  • Tendrils of Burrowing Dark

High Priestess Azil

  • Book of Dark Prophecies
  • Cowl of the Unseen World
  • Darkling Staff
  • Elementium Fang
  • Helm of Numberless Shadows
  • Leaden Despair
  • Magnetite Mirror
  • Prophet’s Scepter
  • Slippers of the Twilight Prophet
  • Tear of Blood

Heroic Stonecore guide

Corborus: The major difference in this encounter comes during the Crystal Barrage ability. Every 0.5 seconds, a Crystal Shard will spawn in the area being affected by Barrage. If these shards reach a player, they will explode, causing Nature damage and increasing damage taken by 25%.

Slabhide: There are two big changes to be aware of in the Slabhide encounter. The first is that Lava Fissure happens in 3 seconds rather than 5, and the lava pools last longer (at 30 seconds).

The other is Crystal Storm. After Slabhide flies into the air and creates stalactites, he will begin to channel this ability. Players must break the line of sight by hiding behind the stalactites, or they will be killed in most instances.

Ozruk: Ozruk will cast Paralyze, then Shatter, freezing the group in place before obliterating everyone with a hugely powerful AoE. The DoT effect comes in extremely useful here, as it interrupts the paralyzing effect automatically and allows players to run beyond the 15-yard area of Shatter, making the fight a lot more survivable.

In addition, Heroic difficulty also sees Ozruk cast Rupture. Essentially, after casting Ground Slam, three lines of rock spikes lash out in a straight line in whatever direction the boss is facing. The Tank can mitigate the risk from this by facing the boss away from the group.

High Priestess Azil: Gravity Wells no longer have any duration; instead, they disappear after they have killed four units of any type.

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