Soulja Boy freaks out after seeing his iconic dance move in World of Warcraft

Eleni Thomas
Soulja Boy dance world of warcraft

Rapper-turned-streamer Soulja Boy has finally been allowed back on Twitch after a year-long ban, with the content creator reacting to seeing his now iconic dance move appear when playing through World of Warcraft.

When it comes to social media superstars, many people will recognize the name Soulja Boy and associate it with his iconic song. Though it turns out, he’s also a big gamer too, having streamed on Twitch for multiple years, but not without controversy. Back on April 18, Soulja Boy reacted to a Dexerto report about Kai Cenat’s suspension, commenting that it had been over one year since his own Twitch ban came into effect.

Shortly after this incident, Dexerto confirmed that Soulja had finally been unbanned on the platform after being barred for over 12 months. Soulja was first suspended back on December 9, 2021 before being quickly unbanned and then banned again just five minutes later.

It’s still not clear why he was banned in the first place or why the decision so swiftly changed, but Twitch’s actions made the rapper originally want to take the matter to court.

Now, however, the rapper-turned-streamer is back on Twitch, reacting to new games as well as particular moments from other popular ones. In his most recent stream, Soulja Boy noticed his now iconic dance move appeared in World of Warcraft, a moment that the streamer was extremely excited about.

Soulja Boy reacts to his iconic dance move appearing in World of Warcraft

The dance in question comes from the ex-rapper’s song, Crank That, of which, the music video has now been seen over 540 million times. Since then, the dance has become a viral sensation, with many YouTube and social media users from the late 2000s aware of the dance in some capacity.

“Oh sh**, is that my dance? That’s my f***ing dance. Bro, they got my dance in this game bruh. What the f**k. Yo what the f**k. That is f***ing crazy.”

Time will tell what new content Soulja Boy begins to produce now that he is back on Twitch, but clearly he’s eager to get back on the grind, starting with WoW.

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