yay only “a little happy” about Cloud9 missing Valorant Champions

Declan Mclaughlin
yay on OpTic Gaming before joining Cloud9

In a recent live stream, Jaccob ‘yay’ Whiteaker gave his thoughts on Cloud9 and the team’s elimination from VCT Americas LCQ.

Multiple VCT teams had their seasons end in July as they failed to qualify for Valorant Champions through their respective league’s LCQ tournaments. One of those teams was Cloud9.

After a great start to the VCT Americas split, and finishing 8-1, the team failed to qualify for VCT Masters and Valorant Champions through the playoff tournament. The team’s last hope of seeing the international stage for the 2023 VCT season was through the LCQ bracket.

cloud9 valorant roster
Cloud9 debuted their new roster at Red Bull Home Ground in late 2022.

Unfortunately for the squad, they were eliminated by Leviatán 3-2 in the lower bracket on July 22. After their loss, yay was asked in a live stream for his reaction to Cloud9’s elimination. The Valorant star was on Cloud9 for a short time before the organization dropped him and Anthony ‘vanity’ Malaspina ahead of the start of VCT Americas.

yay gives his honest opinion on Cloud9 LCQ elimination

“What you guys have to remember is that I’m friends with a lot of the guys on that team,” yay said. “I have no bad blood with most of the guys on there. Am I a little bit happy? Sure. I feel like I kind of got f***ed over in some ways, but I mean it’s fine. I am sad for my ex-teammates, though.”

The portion of the stream where yay says this quote has since been muted in the VOD. However, the clip with the audio attached has been uploaded by the Today on Valorant YouTube channel.

yay and vanity have been relatively quiet about Cloud9 and the organization’s decision to part ways with them after VCT LOCK//IN. Both players did manage to find other teams to compete with, Disguised and Shopify Rebellion, but those squads were in the tier-two North American Challengers League.

yay and vanity, along with many other Valorant pros, will be looking to join a VCT international league team during the offseason.