Valorant’s Gekko gets a significant advantage on Bind

Daniel Appleford
valorant gekko trailer screen grab

Gekko’s ability to open Bind’s teleporter door from the outside gives him an advantage over all the other Valorant agents.

The teleporters on Bind are a unique and effective way to get between sites quickly. However, once inside the teleporter, the doors can only be opened from the inside.

Although with Gekko this narrative has been rewritten thanks to his Dizzy. When deployed Dizzy will throw a blind at anyone it sees. But, when thrown at a teleporter Dizzy will open the door, revealing whoever is inside. Something that no other agent has the ability to do.

The teleporter is often a great place to hide to save weapons. However, it may no longer be safe if the enemy team has a Gekko on their side. The discovery surprised players which prompted them to beg for the poster to take the video down.

“Take this down right now.” joked the top comment.

“Nah man, don’t let the secret tech out. Now it’s gonna get nerfed.” said another user.

Valorant has secretly patched agents in the past, most recently with Viper. Who got a significant nerf without any notification from Riot Games. This means that a surprise future patch could come that prevents Gekko from opening doors.

Although it appears Riot has not discovered the glitch just yet or has not made it public that the mechanic is intended for the map.

For the time being, use Gekko’s Dizzy to your advantage on Bind and weed out those hiding from enemies.

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