Valorant star yay is rumored to be playing in VCT Pacific in 2024

Declan Mclaughlin
yay on OpTic Gaming before joining Cloud9

Valorant fans claim that they have found evidence that points to Jaccob ‘yay’ Whiteaker joining a VCT Pacific squad in 2024. Moreover, they believe that he is already playing ranked in the region.

The VCT off-season has only been going on for a few weeks, and multiple teams across all regions have already made changes to their rosters. But one player who has avoided the rumor mill this off-season has been yay.

Considered one of the best Valorant players in the world, yay has been noticeably absent from any roster leaks or speculation outside of an early report that he is open to changing roles to get a spot on a partnered team.

Now, however, the Duelist player is rumored to be joining a team in the VCT Pacific league, according to evidence compiled by VCT fans.

yay rumoured to be moving to a VCT Pacific squad

The first piece of evidence VCT fans point to is yay’s Valorant account, which no longer appears on The account is not active, which could mean that he is just playing Valorant on a different account. But some fans believe it is because the account is being transferred to the APAC servers.

The second, and arguably stronger, piece of evidence is a recent live stream from RRQ player Saibani ‘fl1pzjder’ Rahmad. The pro got into a game with Bleed Esports player Derrick ‘Deryeon’ Yee and his duo partner, ‘zommy.’

Deryeon has claimed that zommy is his little brother, but fans are convinced that it is actually yay after dissecting the player’s action. Fans point to how the two have the same crosshair and aim in almost exactly the same way.

In another live stream, zommy can be heard talking in the team voice channel, and fans claim the player sounded like yay.

Even Valorant streamer Tarik ‘tarik’ Celik has started to believe the rumor after reviewing clips of zommy’s gameplay.

“That’s 100% yay,” tarik said on stream.

So far, yay has yet to reveal anything about his off-season plans and has only posted on social media to tease fans with his next destination. The player last competed for Disguised in the North American Challengers League and left the squad in June after it was relegated.

Bleed Esports is the team fans are speculating that yay is joining. The Singaporean organization was promoted to VCT Pacific by winning the Ascension Pacific tournament this year. The team currently only has four players signed to its roster and the organization has a history of making big swings for international players.

Back in 2022, the organization offered Mehmet ‘cNed’ İpek a million-dollar deal to join their Valorant squad, so Bleed taking a shot at yay doesn’t seem out of the question.

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