Yay reveals what went wrong in Bleed’s VCT Masters elimination

Declan Mclaughlin
yay bleed

Jaccob ‘yay’ Whiteaker took to social media after Bleed’s elimination from VCT Masters Madrid in the Pacific Kickogg tournament to explain their sudden departure from the competition.

The Bleed Esports Valorant roster was a hot topic this off-season as the newly promoted Singaporean organization made a splash by signing North American superstar yay. The Valorant superstar had fallen on hard times in North America and said he wanted to escape the “drama” of the region.

Yay went from competing for world titles, and earning one, in 2022 to bombing out of the Tier 2 NA Challengers League without a win to his name in 2023. However, much of his fall from grace was not entirely on him, as Cloud9 dropped the player early on in the season for what many speculated were financial reasons.

The team had a lot of hype around it since the roster also featured some top domestic talent like Natchaphon ‘sScary’ Matarat, but Bleed was eliminated from the first VCT Masters event of 2024 quickly. Bleed lost to T1, then Global Esports, in the VCT Pacific Kickoff group stage and won’t see official play again until April.

Yay explains VCT Masters elimination, blames himself

After his team’s second loss in the lower bracket to GE, yay took to social media to call out harsh fans and explain why they lost.

The star told people to blame him and also revealed that he was struggling with his vision during the match against Global Esports.

“Not sure what happened that last series. I’ve never had my vision start becoming blurry during a game. there were people on my screen sometimes and I didn’t even react. and the worst part is I have no idea what caused it,” yay said on Twitter/X.

The player has not claimed to have vision or health issues when competing in the past. Yay was noticeably worse in Bleed’s match against Global Esports. For example, he only logged 6 kills on Viper in their elimination game that went 24 rounds, which could be explained by a sudden vision impairment.

Yay will now have time to recover, and potentially diagnose, his vision issue as Bleed’s elimination means they won’t play another official match until April.