Valorant pros Wardell & Scream frustrated by new Agent Skye’s flashes

. 2 years ago
Riot Games / Team Liquid / via LG Global

Every new Agent in Valorant is going to take some getting used to, but professional players like Adil ‘ScreaM’ Benrlitom and Matthew ‘Wardell’ Yu have seen first-hand how oppressive Skye’s flashes can be in Act 3.

The 13th Agent in Riot Games’ tactical shooter has been garnering amusing reactions from people who love Skye’s in-game potential but, at the same time, are getting taken by surprise by her potent blind ability, Guiding Light.

Riot set up Skye with a ton of utility that can directly lead to a kill or assist. Even her heal, called Regrowth, for example, can top off multiple players who just won their 1v1 duels – letting her set up teammates for the next one too.

Competitive players or creative theory crafters are bound to figure out how to best utilize her in different comps and on an individual level. In the meantime, there are incredible highlights of people already fed up with the new Agent’s hawk trinket.

A lot of Valorant esport fans should be familiar with Wardell’s eccentric pop-offs by now. Whether it’s an OP Academy highlight or 1vX clutch, the man is asserting his in-game dominance with a roar.

Unfortunately, Skye hits different. Wardell was pushing up on Ascent’s B main when he was hit with the gamut of blinds that the enemy team could offer.

Make no mistake, the TSM player got chained-CC’d by more than a few abilities, but Skye’s Guiding Lights were nearly impossible to avoid – and that’s not even counting the Trailblazer that Wardell took to the chest after it was all over.

ScreaM on the other hand, had a more tamed approach to his reaction. The Belgian star wasn’t impressed with Skye’s ability to consecutively blind opponents, seeing as he was facing a flashed screen for about a full eight seconds.

After the third blind, ScreaM just about looked like he was tired of the new Agent’s shenanigans, even though she’s only just came out.

There’s a really short window between recognizing that her Guiding Light is coming to actually looking away; unless Riot nerfs it so that it has the slightest of delays before popping, Valorant players will just have to readjust to the new flashes.

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