Valorant dev reveals secret Breach changes not mentioned in patch 1.11

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Valorant’s 1.11 update introduced a ton of new Agent buffs and nerfs to rebalance the game, though three major Breach adjustments were left out of the patch notes.

The latest Valorant patch added Skye to the ever-growing roster. While the Aussie Agent stole the spotlight, a number of huge changes were also made to existing characters. From Cypher’s abilities disabling upon death, to Breach’s flash duration being extended.

Breach was given a slight buff in order to “increase the opportunity window that Initiator’s teammates have,” Riot explained. However, an improvement to his blinding ability wasn’t all that came through for the Agent.

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Players noticed some rather odd behaviour from a few of his stuns while playing on Nov. 2. Devs have since confirmed these aren’t bugs; in fact, there are three major Breach changes that weren’t addressed in the patch notes at all.

Prior to the 1.11 update, Breach’s Fault Line and Rolling Thunder abilities would cast directly in front of him. In the latest version of the game, this isn’t the case. Both will now cast from a full 8 metres away.

At first, many in the community believed this to be a bug. It didn’t take long before a developer shut down that line of thinking though. This is intended but never made it to the patch notes,” Valorant game designer ‘rycoux’ confirmed. “Must have slipped through the cracks with all of the changes.”

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This is a huge adjustment for Breach-mains to consider moving forward.

If you’re lining up a stun or a perfectly timed Ultimate, you’ll no longer tag enemies standing close. You can’t sit directly in contact with a wall and expect enemies to be caught in the stun effect right on the other side. 

Breach players will have to stand further back when lining up these two abilities. As a tradeoff for the changes, Fault Line now charges a whopping 20% faster too.

It could be well worth your time to hop into a custom game and get familiar with these secret changes. The latest patch has overhauled the Agent in a few big ways, so expect to see tons of innovation in the competitive playlist.

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In the meantime, be sure to catch up on everything that was actually addressed in the 1.11 update with the full patch notes here.