Valorant pro suffers injury while playing badminton

Declan Mclaughlin
Talon Valorant pro Crws

Talon Esports Valorant pro Thanamethk ‘Crws’ Mahatthananuyut has picked up an injury while playing badminton, according to a post on his Twitter.

Talon Esports did not manage to qualify for any VCT international events this year, with their season coming to an end on July 19 after losing to Gen.G 2-1 in the VCT Pacific LCQ tournament.

After the loss, Talon’s players returned home to spend time with their family and friends while they wait for the start of the free agency period.

One of the team’s players, IGL Crws, suffered an injury while playing badminton and had to be taken by ambulance to the hospital. On Twitter, the Thai player posted a photo of himself writhing in pain on a badminton court while others helped him onto a stretcher.

Talon Valorant pro hurt in sporting accident

“First week back and already get to experience ambulance. Not looking forward to the next few months,” Crws said.

While the Valorant pro appeared to be in immense pain from the badminton accident, he still joked about his injury in the replies.

“Bro died with his phone in his hand, what did you read? I hope you’re okay though for real,” one reply said.

“I read ‘Talon didn’t make it to Champions,'” Crws responded in jest.

The 26-year-old has not stated how long his recovery will take or whether he will be fully fit for the start of the 2024 VCT season. Last year, Crws said that he would consider retiring from Valorant if the team could find a better option to replace him, citing the demanding schedule and the stress of competition as reasons to walk away from esports.

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