Valorant pro Hiko stunned after using exploit to teleport under Icebox map

Jacob Hale

100 Thieves’ pro Valorant player Spencer ‘Hiko’ Martin was shocked when he was traversing the new Icebox map to try and figure it out — and managed to teleport himself under the map.

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Icebox is still fresh for Valorant players, having been added to the game on October 13, and the top competitive players have been spending some time trying to get adjusted to it, find the best spots for pushes or to gather intel and just generally becoming more familiar with it.

The map is being tested in unranked matches currently, before moving it into the competitive queue at the end of October, and that could be a genius touch from developer Riot Games, as the map clearly has some issues that will need to be fixed sooner rather than later.

That’s exactly what Hiko found out during his October 15 stream, playing as Omen and teleporting around the map to see how it felt.

New map Valorant Icebox
Icebox has been added to Valorant as part of Act 3.

After reading some advice from one of his viewers, Hiko decided to follow their instructions and teleport to the ‘triangle’ on the map.

Although at first he went to the wrong place, he soon realized where he was supposed to have teleported to, before gathering that he actually shouldn’t have teleported there at all.

Once he had used Omen’s ultimate ability to port to a little gap between B Kitchen and B Hut, Hiko found himself sitting under the map, able to look up at Kitchen and the rest of the map from below.

After realizing what had occurred, the pro quickly backed out of the game so as to hide the fact he had inadvertently exploited the map’s boundaries, but obviously, by that point, all of his viewers saw exactly what had happened and how to do it.

It’s very likely Riot will find out about this issue and attempt to fix it as soon as possible to avoid any players less concerned with competitive integrity using it to gain an advantage over their enemies and cheat their way to victory.

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