Valorant pro gets free Magnum ice cream because of in-game name

Magnum on Fnatic Valoran teamEarthling Films

In a Twitter exchange, pro Valorant player Martin ‘Magnum’ Peňkov scored himself free ice cream after Magnum ice cream learned that the Czech competitor based his in-game name off of the brand of sweat treats.

Magnum, and the many other Valorant players, are in the midst of the offseason and are looking for a new team to compete with for the 2023 season.

The former Fnatic player was benched from KOI on October 9 and has been given the opportunity to look for offers elsewhere as a restricted free agent.

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In the meantime, though, Magnum managed to use his free time and clout to score some free ice cream thanks to a little-known factoid about his name.

Magnum gets some ice cream during the Valorant offseason

The conversation started when the Magnum ice cream brand account discovered a post from KOI, which Magnum used to play for.

In that post, KOI asked players to choose their favorite ice cream bar but photoshopped in the Valorant pro’s picture where the Magnum bar would have been.

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The brand account tagged Magnum and his former team Fnatic and praised the Czech player for “doing our name proud.”

Magnum responded that he is proud to have a name inspired by the ice cream maker to which the brand account asked if the player had any treats in his freezer to celebrate his next victory.

The former Fnatic player said that he needed some White Chocolate and Ruby Magnum ice cream bars and the brand account responded by saying it would be sending some his way.

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The wholesome interaction was years in the making as Magnum has not been shy when talking about the inspiration for his in-game name since he got his tier-one start with Fnatic.

KOI is one of the few partnered teams let into the EMEA Valorant league by Riot Games, but the organization has benched its entire roster as it looks to reload its team for the 2023 season.

Fans might be able to see Magnum, ice cream bars in hand, in the 2023 season with a new team in the partnered league.

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