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Valorant Prelude to Chaos skins: Release date, price & weapons

Published: 16/Jun/2022 19:00 Updated: 16/Jun/2022 13:56

by Lauren Bergin


Coming into Valorant Episode 5 Act 1, players will be able to pick up the all-new Prelude to Chaos skins. Here’s when they release, how much they cost, and what weapons will be getting a snazzy new look.

As Riot pull back the curtains surrounding Episode 5 Act 1, unveiling the all-new Pearl map and the accompanying battle pass, there’s a new Exclusive Skin line in town: the Prelude to Chaos bundle.

Inspired by all things spooky, the skins perfectly blend science fiction themes with edgier, dark fantasy ones, making them almost like a space-themed Reaver bundle but with a more blocky, classic weapon design.


Looking to pick up the Prelude to Chaos skins in Valorant? Here’s everything you need to know; from their prices to the weapons that are included.


valorant prelude to chaos skin bundle
Riot Games
We’re buying that melee.

Valorant Prelude to Chaos skins: Release date

The Prelude to Chaos skins will release alongside Valorant Episode 5 Act 1’s debut on July 22, 2022. 

They’ll be available for purchase via the in-game store as soon as the next chapter in the Future Earth saga goes live.

Valorant Prelude to Chaos skins: Weapons & price

Below are the full details for the Prelude to Chaos skins, including the weapons you can buy and the bundle’s cost:

  • Bundle Cost: 8,700 VP (includes all gun skins, one card, one gun buddy, and one spray)
  • Edition: Exclusive
  • Weapons: Operator, Shorty, Stinger, Vandal, Melee
  • Variants:
    • Green/red
    • Green/silver
    • Blue
valorant reaver skin bundle
Riot Games
Prelude to Chaos is basically the Reaver bundle if it went to space to slay aliens.


Discussing the lore behind these fearsome-looking skins, Associate Art Director, Sean Marino, said: “we noticed that a lot of players loved the Reaver skins but we didn’t have a sci-fi skin that hit the same dark tone as Reaver.


“We literally asked ourselves, ‘what would edgelords who love sci-fi want in a skin? What would it feel like to kill a demon?’ Looking at Reaver, the audio and animations were what sold the power fantasy the most, so we invested a lot into custom animations and sounds for the reload, equip, idle, and inspect.”

All eyes, however, are on that melee weapon, entitled ‘The Blade of Chaos.’ “Of course, the two-handed sword is the epitome of what this skin should feel like because its massive size and chaotic, moving visual effects perfectly capture the power fantasy we were aiming for,” Marino states.


“No other melee weapon could come close. When you’re wielding that sword and firing the guns, you should feel like you’re on an absolute rampage.”

So that’s everything you need to know about Valorant’s Prelude to Chaos skins. Looking for all of the latest Episode 5 Act 1 news? Be sure to check out our Pearl and battle pass rundowns.