Valorant players want Operator sniper removed

Bill Cooney
Riot Games

The Operator is one of the most pivotal weapons in Valorant but, when combined with Jett, some players think it breaks the game and holds Riot’s first-person shooter back.

Some Valorant players think the Operator is a detriment to the game’s meta – not just because it’s one of the most powerful weapons in the game.

Just like with CSGO’s AWP, Valorant’s OP is the gun that can make or break a match. According to some players, pairing the Operator with Jett makes it the “main character” of the game and they wouldn’t mind seeing it removed.

Players want the Operator Removed from Valorant

In a post on December 28, Reddit user SociopathicFrogs explained why they think the weapon is keeping Valorant from being the game it could be.

“A weapon that goes untouched outside of two agents should be a red flag to start with the question of the weapon even belonging in the game,” Frogs wrote. “Defense Operator Jett has become the main character of ever game. Every smoke, flash, drone, stun, and general utility has to be sacrificed for this one agent.”

To back this up, they point to the pickrate for Jett in professional play. Spoiler alert: she blasts every other agent out of the water.

“Jett saw an 85% pickrate in the 51 group stage matches of Valorant Champions 2021, boasting 100% pickrate on Icebox, Breeze and Ascent,” Frog explained. “An agent that has become a near must pick for professional play, it’s not exciting to see such a boring and one-dimensional playstyle on defense.”

Riot Games
Professional teams not picking Jett would basically be handing a free win to their opponents.

So, it isn’t the agent or the weapon, but when they’re put together is the problem. This is where the argument comes into play, as removing a weapon from the game would probably be more likely than an entire character.

“Don’t get me wrong, neither the operator nor Jett is a problem on it’s own,” they continued. “It is the combination of instant mobility with a one-shot cannon that just makes it unfair.”

Whether Riot would seriously consider removing an entire gun from the game is iffy at best. But with the popularity of the post, it could be an issue we see more of in 2022.