Valorant’s insanely expensive Elderflame skin is bugged & it’s hilarious

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Valorant’s insanely expensive fan-favorite Elderflame Vandal skin is bugged, and it’s absolutely hilarious.

Like many other games, Valorant has its fair share of bugs, glitches, and exploits that come and go. With updates every few weeks that can shift the entire landscape, it can be hard for the devs to keep the game squeaky clean and ridden of problems.

The latest bizarre bug to be found stems from Valorant’s most expensive skin line, the Elderflame collection. The unique fan-favorite dragon-centric skins aren’t exactly behaving as they should, and it’s comical.

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Elderflame Operator in Valorant.Riot Games
The Elderflame collection lets players hold a live dragon in their hand, which responds when shooting and reloading.

In a Reddit post on December 25, Valorant player Luxai posted their hilarious video of the Elderflame Vandal being glitched.

The skin seemed to have a mind of its own in the hilarious video. When it came to the skin’s animations, the dragon would unexpectedly chomp away when reloading.

The player referenced the Elderflame Vandal as a derpy dragon, and other Valorant fans decided to name the skin. “I’m going to name him… CHOMPY,” said WokeSleepR.

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A commenter suggested that it’s time for Luxai to tame the skin by watching How to Train Your Dragon – a popular animated movie. “Time for how to train your dragon,” said Mobilerocks121.

Other players were floored by the silly video: “The reload got me, I don’t know why but I can’t stop laughing when I see it.”

It’s unclear how the bug occurs, but fortunately, it isn’t game-breaking, so players shouldn’t be concerned should they encounter it in-game. Regardless, Riot will probably want to fix one of their most sought after cosmetics.

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