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Valorant players unimpressed by Battlepass skins in Episode 2: Act 1

Published: 14/Jan/2021 17:32

by Lauren Bergin


While Valorant Episode 2 has been a hit for a lot of the game’s dedicated players, some fans have been left disappointed by the new Battlepass skins that are available for Act 1.

After the roaring success that Valorant has had since its release early in 2020, fans had high hopes for Episode 2, the second chapter in the title’s running storyline. The in-game release was made even more exciting by Yoru, the 14th Agent who has been stealthy slipping around the Valorant scene since December last year.

Accompanying our new favorite Duelist is the Battlepass, which offers players new cosmetics and Radianite Points for each new Act that drops.


Some fans, however, have been pretty underwhelmed by the skins included in this Act’s Battlepass installment.

Valorant Battlepass Episode 2 Act 1 Skins
Riot Games, Dexerto
The Battlepass skins for Episode 2 Act 1 haven’t thrilled players.

Battlepass skins “pretty bad” vs last season

One of the main reasons that players choose to purchase the Battlepass every Act for $10 a pop are the unique skins contained within it. We’ve seen some iconic skins such as the Ruin series and DOT EXE line, but this time the gun cosmetics have failed to wow players.

A thread started by u/FalseOrganization255 asked if “anybody else disappointed with the Battlepass skins,” they go on to clarify that “think the Battlepass skins are pretty bad compared to last season. Honestly I think the ‘Infinity’ skins would be a lot better if the color was blue instead of green. I also just don’t like the ‘Outpost’ skins very much, but that’s just preference.”


Anybody else disappointed with the battlepass skins? from r/VALORANT

The discussion this has sparked certainly has some interesting elements. Some respondents agree with the poster, writing that “the Infinity default color is sh*t” but that the “variant is nice.”

Aerosol, however, is a line that most fans approved of. Writing that the “Aerosol skins are better than some of the skins you can buy in the store” and “I would pay $10 for just the Aerosol skins” it’s safe to say these get the seal of approval.

Riot Games
Yoru can be seen with the Outpost Melee skin in the Episode 2 Trailer.

Some don’t care about the skins

What’s even more interesting though is that most people argued that they weren’t really interested in the skins, just the Radianite Points that allow you to purchase weapon variants.


The top comment notes that “the only reason I get the Battlepasses is for the Radianite,” while another player writes “yeah I agree, the Radianite is all I want.”

A simple Reddit post has opened up a pretty interesting debate about what Valorant fans truly want. Radanite seems to be at the top of everyone’s lists, and that’s what makes the Battlepass such good value for money, not necessarily the skins.